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The first word that came to my mind at Trista’s show, hot among fashion junkies these days and a flame of confussion to almost every mortal walking over the earth, which after some analysing and research I would call a green light to self-expression or mixture between minimalism and comfort with a tbsp. of sport chic and a drizzle of cool. Definition that perfectly applies to the brand’s latest proposal for a super breezy Spring of 2015.

The thing I consider most Iconic about Trista is the way they intervene their fabrics. One season pictured the result of a pyromaniac attack at the atelier, the next the use of painting to create patterns, now with 3 simple shades they created a collection of sleek silhouettes in binomial combinations; All paired with sneakers and Cat eye sunnies showing how sometimes the less the better.

Now that I'm going through my comfy-yet-stylish phase I'm DYING for most of this pieces... Every girl need a shirt dress to feel atractive yet classy in the heat of the summer. Somehow this collection exudes that androgine appeal we previously discussed were girls will be boys, but better...
Remember, the more toned down the better you'll look!
Will you dare to try normcore?
Xoxo, RWPF

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