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I never get tired of telling people how much I enjoyed my very first Fashion show, how it left me deeply mesmerized and locked to this world the second that first model came walking down the runway.
The rest is history... Leading to this day, where I found myself writting about JI+B's couture SS15 collection.
If you are an avid reader of the blog, you might have guessed from which designers I was talking about, however if you did not, I would like to encourage you to read "Young Twist", "Fashion Week is coming..." and "MBFW D - 4" to see the beauty of their work for your self.

Last season they decided to skip Fashion week to focus on their work, which made many people and myself quite sad, because it is the show I'm most eager to see, but this break certainly paid off as their come back trully WOWed us all (as they normally do)
Giving a 180° turn to the electric, young and daring allure brought along with dubstep for SS14, the architect duo decided to take a structural approach towards the elegance and melancholy of vegetative composition.
The entire collection is a statuesque deconstruction of nature, starting with the epitomes of organic matter portrayed by printed trees and embroidered leaves followed by a deeper more intrincated design of lace applications and hand-cut leather resembling vegetal cells under a microscope.
All of which nostalgically moved down the catwalk the way foliage dances to the wind, to the sound "The Hours" by Phillip Glass.
I got a glimpse of the entire collection and the craft work in my backstage visit, which I love, because I get to hear everything about the inspiration and new perspective from the designers themselves.
Most of the gowns have a fabric structure specially built to give them that magical fairytale-like movement.
As for the colors, the collection is a complete work of high contrast. Blue with black, orange and red, white and pink as well as the iconic chiaroscuro are present in different silhouettes out of chiffon, taffeta and silk with a 50s inspiration.
Look at the details...

One of my favourite dresses: The asymmetrical shape, fluid movemet and cape are just stunning!

Organic beauty...

Light and darkness... Crop and detail... It's all about finding a balance to reach elegance.
Bold cut-outs will still rule spring/summer!
This dress is a dream. I couldn't picture anything else but myself spinning around the dancefloor hipnotized by the fabrics movement. I'm seriously crushed!
This shoes are the result from the designer's first footwear collaboration, this time with Diego Torreblanca.
Don't you love them? Pointy shoes are always chic... Make them transparent and you have futuristic class.
Welcome Culottes for spring!
 Sleek elegance...

Definitely my favourite ensamble: ethereal beauty in black and white


 Grand Finale!
Bravo to this duo for another wonderful collection and my complete gratitude for inviting me to fell in love with their creations once more...
Xoxo, RWPF

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