Tulle Fetish

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noun \ˈfe-tish also ˈfē-\
- a strong and unusual need or desire for something
- a need or desire for an object, body part, or activity for sexual excitement
- an object that is believed to have magical powers
Redundant would be to paraphrase what tulle represents, but just in case you need clarification: No, tulle doesn't awake sexual desire... Unless you are a bit of a freaky fashion enthusiast (In that case I don't judge) Tulle is more like a triggers of dreams, the reason of a craving for something simply fabulous and one third of the trio shaped by non others than glitter and feathers, better known as wonders one must possess just for the sake of it. 

There was a time in my life I like to call B.C. (Before Chic)
It was a dark time before my sense of style had even start to develop where I despised the fabric. It resembled nothing more than the squeaky ballerina girls from my class who me, as a horsewoman focussed on other hobbys and likings, couldn't stand. So, many years had to pass by for me to start  obsessing about it. 
When the Fashion revolution hit the streets it was a big surprise to see tulle skirts running wild down the concrete jungle paired with nothing but mundane sneakers and common denim shirts. It's a magical Era where such beauties can go out to the sun on a daily basis adding that magical essence for so long reserved only for the most special occasions.  
Many designers master the art of bringing such luxurious cloth to life but only a few make us drop dead and wake up in heaven while doing so.
Last season Giambattista Valli gained this recognition with waterfall skirts of tulle in degrade only to reafirm it's skill set this time, with pieces that build and deconstruct the material in the most intriguing ways, sometimes even featuring the terrific tree mentioned earlier in this post, proving how trully marvellous desire may look like.

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