Everybody wants to be a rock star

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 When you see people dress, and their style has an edge to it, that rebellious edge that bubbles up in every genre, that's rock n' roll.
If we were given the opportunity right here right now, we would become one. Without even thinking about how good we play an instrument (in case we even do), or if our voice is on point, we would do it just for that appealing life they are supposed to lead.                                                                             For the edge, the danger, the cool factor, the fashion....                                                            
Don't act surprise, I mean, you knew that was coming right? We love Fashion over here!     
And I've been wanting to get into this love affair for quite a while now, because the relationship between music and fashion and how they complement and influence each other is mesmerizing. They’ve always been deliciously entangled. Rock stars and fans use fashion to amplify their rebellious values, while designers use music to articulate their collections and embrace freedom to create looks out of the ordinary. But before rockstars wore labels and brands invited bands to play at their shows both worlds developed in separates universes.

While fashion played an important role in history since the 14th century, portraying different milestones like the Renaissance, the Industrial Revolution, the liberation of women
women liberation in the 20’s and the different levels of society, it was until the 50’s when groove and sexual liberation hit society, that music played a direct part in the development of subcultures and trends. Fashion used to the be general. In different levels and circumstances people use to wear more or less the same, however rock music changed fashion completely. In the 50’s young people started to ditch suits to marry tunes and join the Rainbow family preaching peace and free love trying to show their disagreement with the Vietnam War until the 70’s, a decade that opened a new spectrum of expression were people could, trough music, show the world their disagreement with the established society. That’s how Anarchy took over the U.K bringing “Straight Edge” and “Destroy” Punk subculture, praising music, rebellion and criticisms to the sound of Sex Pistols and The Ramones, to life.

Listening to this music opened a world of endless possibilities to stand out from the crowd with a certain style and embrace uniqueness. On the other side of the Atlantic the afroamerican youth from the ghettos in NYC started popularizing break-dance music which became relevant in the mid 80’s together with Disco, the corny side of the time known for the afros, silky jumpsuits and neon colors, and what people called glam rock for highlighting visual entertainment. This is where I’ll stop with the history lesson, because all retro trends go back to the 40’s and ‘til the 80’s. No one wants to revive Justin and Britney’s denim looks from the 90’s which were nothing but uncool if you compare. All this subcultures have manifested themselves in the last few years bringing tartan, hip-hop sporty accents and of course the glamour of rock n’ roll back. Saint Laurent made skinny leather pants a la Axl Rose a basic in every girls closet. Hippie style fringed everything, from Carolina Herrera boots to
sued jackets, remind us to the phsichodelic rock from the flower power Era. Motorcycle gloves now sported by uncle Karl where one’s Billy Idol symbol. Chained locks hanging from the neck like Sid Vicious were a hugh success at the Chanel grocery show.
The tartan print we love so much, was made famous by the one and only Viviane Westwood when she designed it for the Sex Pistols who are a clear example of how artists set trends and are elevated to icon status. Each of these people where beacons of ideology, social movements and for that, the distinctive fashion that accompanied them.  Idols, music gods, result of an equation between attitude, boldness, chaos and music is what created that unbreakable atmosphere of cool, so seeked now a days and so difficult to achieve, inspires present generations and designers to create not only a wardrobe but a persona.  

Rock is still an emblem of edge and thoughness most of us want to resemble by using leather, high boots, tshirts, chains with crosses, denim, head scarves, tons jewels merging into andronigy, playing indifferent to what people think of tattoos and spiky hair with a unique pose and badass attitude that made rockers so desirable as what they were wearing.
 Because even if we want to, not everyone can pull off a Golden lamé tank with skinny jeans and still look super HOT like Lenny Kravitz, king of Aviator Sunnies and nose rings, yesterday at the superbowl. So, do you want to be a rockstar?

Xoxo, RWPF

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