Beauty: Givenchy's New Muse

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"The day begins.
The sunset.
A couple in love.
A child playing.
A light in the night.
A note of music.
A voice crooning.
The song of a bird.
The murmur of the rain.
The roar of the city.
So many signs, lives, moments. For us to fully live the moment, retain the essential, smile and get carried away by the feelings"

Cosmetic is much more than technique and pretty colors, it is a way to portrait our most desireable looks without boundaries.
Even in the univers of beauty there are levels. Recognized names for their technology, approach and development allowing beauty enthusiast to access a completely different experience by fulfill their necesities.
Givenchy is no exception. In fact, the french maison has now celebrated -by hosting a magical dinner- 10 years of success creating such milestones in the life of beauty lovers commanded by Nicolas Degennes, creator of the iconic round-brush Phenomen' Eyes Mascara, one that allowes you to separate, stretch and structure each eyelash to display the best frame of your look to the fullest.
Le Prisme Quatuor was also among the most celebrated products launching new sets of palettes inspired by the asian philosophy of the moment, offering Givenchy girl the chance to boldly break the status quo and follow her dreams with new amalgams of tones.
My favourites? No.5 Frisson "Shared pleasure, watching th estarts, I shine" and No.7 Tentation "In a meadow, beneath the shadow of the cherry trees, eternal Spring"
It's curious how they achieve the perfect balance between poder and silkness. So luxurious and clean they are better applyed with the finger tips without creating a dusty mess.
One of the two things I discovered that day was Le Soin Noir Sérum a brand new regenerative treatment that brightens and moisturizes skin. I'm fascinated. I tried it on my cardboard hands and they became soft like silk. For someone like me who inherited everything from her mother except for the texture of her hands (sorry Daddy hehehe) was a revelation.
This opulent black cream, is made of a concentration of Vital Black Algae Sap, which rebuilds collagen. For those who lead a "healthy life" and know the properties of spirulina, it sounds more than logical that the world of cosmetic starts using such ingredients in the search of an elixir of youth. Because the Black Algae Sap Concentrate Vital defies the most extreme conditions, it is indifferent to variations in temperature, pressure and salinity; the same to the glacial cold and UV radiation. Therefore if it isn't the much sought immortality potion, it might be definitely one of the pioneers of the industry. I have it safe guarded in it's case.(My precious hahah)

Of course, this dreamy evening had to end with golden clasp (literally) by launching Givenchy's new glimmering fragrance Dhalia Divin, created by Françoise Demachy with whom I ad the undeniable pleasure to chat with. Wonderful lady, working for the most prestigiouse perfume houses for over 30 years, practically a rock star in the field of perfumery, who told me that this scent was the hybrid of the then and now. Rich in feminine flower accents, but edgy enough to portrait the androgyny of this era, present in fashion, with woody hints which had been relegated in the past only to men fragrances. Like a jewel of couture the bottle takes us back to the 50's. Princess style, with a thread of gold around it's neck. Definitely a fragrance for a strong yet feminine muse like Alicia Keys, the face of this experience.
I want to thank the loving team at Givenchy for inviting me to such a beautiful event. It is a brand that has accompanied me in the steps of becoming a woman. My first foundation, designer mascara, favourite scent are packet in those beautiful couture cases with 4 Gs on them, that's why it is somehow emotional to be a part of such an important milestone from a brand that means so much to me. I can say that I trully get the philosophy of feminity and power they preach as I've grown with it.
So, thank you Givenchy for everything!
Xoxo, RWPF

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