Congratulation Class of 2016

To my dear Friends of the class of 2016…
The moment has come.
Last Saturday was the day when the moment we had waited for so long since the day we first set foot at our beloved school, finally arrived.
It felt as something so far away but at the same time… happened so quickly.
16 years of living, breathing, walking, talking and studying with the same people came to an end, marking the very first check on our list of life achievements and a milestone of the beginning of a new era called ADULTHOOD. But you know what? I still can’t believe it. 
I couldn’t really sleep on Friday. Between the fear and excitement that had kept me going the entire week between parties, cocktails and certificate deliveries and that little hint of nostalgia that comes with the emotional hangover implied in saying goodbye.

I woke up a little earlier than usual, brushed my teeth, showered and made myself ready for the important event… My last one as a high school student.                                               The entire trip to the venue was more like an unplanned trip down to memory lane. Ironically enough, I even sat there in the car, looking through the window – Very The Notebook alike- while remembering...

I thought about myself and how much I’ve changed over the years. 
I thought about my dorky looks, the braces, the mushroom haircut, the acne, the fashion stage where 
I thought that being chic meant wearing nothing but crazy things to school… And believe me, I did make quite a few statements hahah 
I wore big bows, high-waisted shorts, before they were even considered cool and the trendiest things you can think of only people in magazines used to wear. I had my rocker stage, the overdressed one and so on. But that’s just physically speaking, I changed a great deal mentally as well. I became someone who despises hypocritical behaviour, I learned the hard way to stick to MY BUSINESS and values. I learned that being popular and loved are two different sides of a story, and that I’m much more comfortable enjoying real friends than a group of people whose presence is only noted at parties. I remembered my teachers, the odd ones, the smelly ones, the ones I found most scary or too tough; the ones who left and the ones who became friends. I thought about the mischiefs we managed in class and the people who were my accomplices in and out of the classroom. I remembered every single one of the projects we ended up doing at 2am in the morning, because A) we procrastinated until the last minute B) “working” at your friends house or Starbucks never meant working but a 7 hour session of gossip.(Let’s be completely honest here!)
I remembered the times we went to grab a cold beer after a test and all the time we spent at the same coffee shop after class just for the sake of spending time together.
And the stress…. OH MY GOD, REMEMBER THE STRESS?!?! of having to study for every single tortuous exam WHILE trying to figure out in the meantime what the unknown future would hold? Were we’d be..? And what we’d do outside of the protective walls of our school?

Last but not least, I thought about my fellow seniors. 
Most of them, people whom I’ve known since kindergarten. People whom I’ve seen in their highs and lows, their dorky stages, heartbreaks, moments of lucidity, parties and finally entering maturity (and growing into some fine looking peeps truth be told) I can’t believe they are growing up, (Knowing the things I know hahaha) but aside from that, I find impressive the beautiful friendships I’ve founded. I’m one of those melancholic souls that mesmerizes itself with our capacity to love and care for someone, in a way so deep, that we just connect. However, I consider myself even luckier by knowing that this people feel the same about me. Love is simply defined by a desire to be close. It’s cool to find “friends” at a party and have fun, but it’s even cooler to make and effort to go and have brunch with them the next morning (hangover) solely for the purpose of seeing them. Or grab a coffee or simply make a phone call to hear their voice. That’s probably what I’m going to miss the most. I should thank my parents, teachers and school for preparing me for the next part of my life. For making me create a habit of work and dedication to fulfil my goals. But I need to thank my friends for letting me discover what it is to trust and love someone unconditionally. I’d like to make a toast for all the stupid inner jokes (Helado p, potasio, estoy cansada, ¿café?, llamas a mi), crushes, dates, kisses and disappointments that in the end became nothing but funny stories to tell at our gatherings.
Another one, for my first shot with you, and all the other ones we drank for ABSOLUTELY no reason but were always able to find an excuse. "Because it was my birthday" "Because it’s our song" "Because you haven’t drank one with me… yet" There’s always an excuse to celebrate something.
Thanks for teaching me that.
Thanks for teaching me to take myself and life a little less seriously and #yolo a little more.

Now, every time I drive next to the football field I’ll remember the blood, sweat and tears we shed organizing the Oktoberfest. And the next time I get through the school gate, I’ll feel an inevitable pain knowing that those times are over, because now I’m just an honorary member of that place.

I’m grateful for the good, which is worth remembering, and the bad that made me grow. 
For you, my friends made along the way. (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)
Friends who accept me for the weird, fashion loving, crazy dancer, intense, corny, complicated person that I am. Thanks for having my back and telling me what I need to hear, even if it’s harsh.
I’d like to thank my parents too, because despite everything, they’ve ALWAYS BEEN THERE. EVERY. SINGLE. STEP OF THE WAY. Seriously, there’s no words to describe how lucky and loved I feel for having them by my side.

The moment I’ve feared for months has finally come. I’m no longer seeing familiar faces daily and the fact that life will lead us to different paths is finally sinking in. Nevertheless, I hope that we’ll be able to make a little time to grab lunch and catch up. And that with the ones who leave, a regular face-timing session becomes tradition.
A few months back I wrote this:  Without farewell there wouldn't be the joy of a reunion to rememorize everything we've been true. I really hope that each one of these makes justice to the great times we are leaving behind.
Thanks people, I truly love you. 

Love, Roberta Woodworth


Baby I'm back...!

El jueves estaba muy feliz, porque fue mi ultimo día oficial de clases y para cerrar con broche de oro tuve dos eventos seguidos en la noche. Los cuales, después de haber estado desconectada de la moda por tanto tiempo, fueron una bocanada de aire fresco a lo que ha sido mi rutina desde hace aproximadamente 8 meses en los que solo estudio, como, estudio, voy al gimnasio, y ocasionalmente duermo si es que no sigo demasiado estresada. 
Sin embargo, el jueves llegué muy emocionada a mi casa después de recibir mi boleta (de la cual estoy muy orgullosa) a mi casa para maquillarme, cambiarme y salir corriendo para llegar puntual al primer coctél. 

Aunque la emoción al arreglarme fue algo inevitable, ya me había olvidado de los nervios que sentía antes de cualquier evento... Deje de ir justo cuando empezaba a acostumbrarme, pero fue lindo encontrarme con tantas caras conocidas después de tanto tiempo y ponerme al corriente con buen ambiente, música y uno que otro drink. Todo mientras esperábamos a que llegara Adolfo Dominguez para darle la bienvenida a México, ya que vino a grabar la nueva temporada de Elle México Diseña. Ell cóctel se celebró en su boutique de Anatole France #86 en Polanquito. Hace un año tuve el honor de conocerlo y hablar de sus diseños y su filosofía. A parte de ser un hombre muy talentoso, humilde y amable que cree que los verdaderos lujos son el espacio y el silencio. 
Con un mundo tan contaminado como en el que vivimos hoy en día; ruido, propaganda, prejuicios, etc... Tomarse un tiempo es e epitome de la perfección.
Solo puedo decir que admiro su filosofía y claridad mental. Espero llegar a eso algún, porque creo que a esa paz podemos atribuir su excepcional talento para crear ropa de en sueño. 
En lo personal, lo que más amo es su linea prét - a - porter; ropa casual sin dejar de ser elegante, lo que la hace versatil y effortless chic. 
Cualquiera de sus vestido son perfectos tanto como para ir a la oficina, como para brunchear o todo in between hasta la hora de la cena. Fue agradable verlo y revivir esas palabras que me inspiraron tanto. 
Después de saludarlo y ponerme al corriente con algunos amigos me fuí directo al Palacio de los palacios para llegar a la inauguración de la cápsula de la exhibición de "el arte de la moda e indumentaria en México" que estará ahí hasta el 19 de junio. Esta exhibición reune piezas icónicas de aquellos diseñadores mexicanos que a lo largo de los años han logrado dejar huella y contribuir al desarrollo de lo que es la moda en Mexico hoy en día. El maestro Manuel Méndez, Kamchatka, Carlo Demichelis así como Ibarra y Bertholdo son algunos de los autores de los hermosos diseños que están en display. 

Definitiamente se tienen que dar una vuelta si son amantes de la moda. Y si no, al menos tendran algo bonito que ver mientras van de compras. Espero que tengan un lindo inicio de semana. Voy a terminar de estudiar, porque tengo un examen en 3 horas... Ya el último antes de graduarme el sábado. POR FIN.
¡Wish me luck!
Besos, Roberta  


Esa vez que lloré en un probador...

¿Alguna vez han llorado en un probador?

Bueno, pues hace algunas semanas yo lloré en un probador.

Y la siguiente pregunta es ¿Por que? Bueno, pues por las razones por las que alguien lloraría en un probador.
Porque el vestido que te pruebas no te queda, porque te falta de arriba y te sobra de abajo, porque se ve bonito en el gancho pero en tu cuerpo simplemente no se ajusta y pareces tamal mal amarrado o por la frustración de que la famosa prenda no tiene el TAN BUSCADO factor jaw-dropper de WOOOOOOW (te queda el ojo cuadrado) que estas buscando.
Puede que yo sea demasiado auto-critica, pero estoy casi segura de que no soy la única que se ha sentido así alguna vez.

La fecha de mi graduación quedo establecida hace precisamente un año, y como buena Outfit Planner por gusto y herencia, me puse a buscar con mi mejor fashion advisor (mi madre) el vestido perfecto. La graduación se compone de 2 eventos importantes. Para el primero, la entrega de diplomas estábamos buscando algo diferente, cómodo, y sobre todo, con lo que pudiera subir fácilmente al escenario a recoger el famoso papel sin ningún accidente (como se ha visto en otros años cuando el vestido es demasiado corto) Y por otro lado, la fiesta de graduación, para muchas el lugar ideal para sacar a la princesa/estrella de cine interior y apostar por un vestido largo y styling de muerte.

La búsqueda empezó hace aproximadamente 10 meses de lo mas casual. Íbamos a cualquier tienda o centro comercial y después de comprar, ir al cine o lo que sea, pasábamos a darnos una vuelta a los departamentos de vestidos de noche para ver si de casualidad algo nos llamaba la atención.
Ahí empezó la desesperación que, con el tiempo, empezó a crecer como bola de nieve hasta explotar.

Como buena amante de la moda, estoy perfectamente consciente de la forma de mi cuerpo, lo que le queda y lo que no; sin embargo, como mujer latina a veces me gustaría no tener tanta curva.
Pero pues, no se le puede hacer nada a la genética y quitarme una costilla o lijarme la cadera no es algo que este en mis planes, así que no había de otra mas que descartar los vestidos que parecían prometedores, hasta encontrar uno que cumpliera con los requisitos y acentuara lo que debía ser acentuado nada más.

Me probé 22 vestidos seguidos y ninguno me causó ni la mas mínima emoción.
A parte de las horribles luces del probador que lo unico que hacen es resaltar hasta el más minimo defecto y el calor que tan maratónica tarea como aquella representa, me sentía incómoda con mi cuerpo y bastante desalentada; al grado de pensar que no había nada diseñado para las personas de mi altura y complexión.
Entre cambio y cambio, para que mi mama no se diera cuenta (una tarea en la que falle miserablemente porque mi estado de animo es transparente como el cristal) me metía al probador super rápido tratando de esconder mi frustración y secar una que otra traicionera lagrimita que hiciera mas evidente y vergonzosa la situación.

Pero al final, el destino puso uno en mi caminos... Sin embargo esa es otra historia.
ASí que no desesperen, les juro que sin andarlo buscando lo van a encontrat

Besos, Roberta


Mold Theory

I was talking to one of my best guy-friends the other day when he mentioned to me that he was going to propose to the girl he has been going out with for a while.
So far, he is about the third one in my #Squad who's about to enter in a relationship and inevitably, that makes you think.
I'm not bitter nor sad about it, I'm perfectly happy with my life right now, it's just weird sometimes because I can't seem to relate. 

For the past few months and until a couple back I had been going out with different guys, but non of them seemed to be a match. At first I thought that had something to do with me, but after one of my friends gave me an insight into his perspective and I had multiple coffee dates with one of my other besties, I came up with a theory.
He told me that he didn't expect to see me in a relationship any time soon, because he says that I'm one of those people who have a mold.
Like... a cookie mold? Well yeah I have tons but.... What?
At first I felt a little insulted, but then he carried on by saying that he thought that I knew what I wanted.
I realized that the problem wasn't exactly me ( I'm not saying that I'm perfect, I'm just not making myself a martyr) but the fact that I got carried away by a bunch of good fatures from the past few prospects to then get dissapointed by their lack of commitment, ex-issues, ambiguity or any other red flag I had previously been to mesmerized to see.  
And so, I came to the conclusion that I'm ok. It's not that I'm looking for the perfect guy, it's just that I shouldn't be too igger to fill the mold with anything that "might" be good. 
Should people have tons of short relationships and experiences or just a few memorable ones...?
That's a question each one of us should answer individualy, but at least for me... Someone who tends to be attached, I think that quality over quantity is best. Memorable experiences and connections over too many that are too blip. 
So, maybe I should just keep focussing on my goals and quite literally wait for THE one.

Giotto Calendoli & Patricia Manfield at Milan Fashion Week

When I think of a relationship I think about deep conections. I think about wanting to be with a person as much I'd like to go shopping or even more. I'm not being superficial, I'm merely trying to define the passion and desire to be close that I imagine.
I wonder how so many people can be in a relationship and not be excited...
Like, what's the point? How is it that you can be with someone you know has so many aspects that annoy you, that you are not able to see a future with them? Why are you in a relationship that doesn't add any thrill or excitement to your life? Or even worse, why are you with someone while craving someone else?
That's like buying a pair of itchy shoes you like but know you'll be unable to wear, or a pair of crocs which are just comfy, or in the worse case scenario, a pair of sneakers when all you want it's heels.
I think that if you find yourself in any of those situations, you should really re-think your relationship status.

Paradoxically enough and in the search of answears I turned to the most loyal of companions: Netflix (just kidding) But seriously tough, I've been watching too many chick flicks to know that getting into that comfort zone is quite the average situation for many.
After murdering John James Preston several times in my mind with a pair of Manolos (Sex & The City) and finding peace among pearls & diamonds (Breakfast at Tiffany's), I found a letter written in Verona that pretty much summed up my idea of love...

" .... What and if are two words as nonthreatening as words can be, but put together, side by side, and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life.
What if? What if? What if?  
If it is true love what you feel, or  felt, then it’s never too late. If you've found someone who you care about, who's company you cherish, who shares with you hopes, dreams, fears and insecurities, whom you can picture a future with, whom you consider beautiful and makes you wonder what your life would be without them...  Someone you wouldn't want to lose, I must say that you're in love. Maybe you haven't notice, maybe you feel that it is not the right time nor the right way to feel regarding your life right now However... What if your wonder what it would have been for the rest of your life?        You only need the courage to follow your heart.
I don’t know what love like Juliet’s feels like, a love to leave loved ones for, a love to cross oceans for, but I’d like to believe, if ever I were to feel it, that I’d have the courage to seize it. And Claire if you didn’t, I hope one day that you will."  
- Sophie to Claire, Letters to Juliet
According to Carrie Bradshaw there are two types of decisions you can make in life: the ones you make with the brain and the ones you make with your heart. You can analize as much as you want, but in the end everything will be defined by a moment where your heart will make a choice. Everything will be defined by a spark.
I do have a mold beside me, and I've finally realized that I'm not looking to fill it any time soon, it's not about waiting for the perfect person, it's just about not trying to squeez anybody for the sake of it.
You know... It's better to leave those gladiator tigh high pumps up in the shelf at Jimmy Choo instead of risking it, some of us have big feet..and standards (and that right there was a forced metaphor) and need to learn how to live with them .


The no kissing list

Well, today was finally the beginning of the inevitable.
Those terrifying exams I've been studying for like crazy, started today.
And after 4 days without any vitamin D, hidden in the frozen tundra that has become my room for this past few weeks, I finally have about 24 hours to rest... Only before studying for spanish of course, but nobody needs to bring that negativity into the conversation right now.
I came back home after five hours of analyzing an archaic theather play in German, just to eat and turn my brain off with a good movie.
I got to my room, took a dive under my sheets and turned on netflix in the search of some good old Chick-flick for relaxing purpouses, and in the swarm of titles, I found one that caught my attention called "Ely & Naomi's No Kissing List"
I basically thought that I was in for some dummie teenage drama, but as a matter of fact I ended up having a realization and crying myself into this beautiful blog.
Story short, the movie is about a pair of boy & girl besties (he is gay tough) who have lived as next-door-neighbors in the same building their entire life.
They have the most enviable bond, know each other like the back of their own hand, go to Magnolia Bakery together, have a secret room for them to chit chat about everything, etc etc. They basically root for each other and stick with each other through thick and thin and have even plan their future wedding, which of course will never be... Because both of them bat for the same team, even if Naomi refuses to believe it.
Thing is, they are too close. And have this moments where one gets friend-jealousies over the other's tentative plus one or gets angry because their schedules no longer match because of University, dates and well.. Life in general.
They get into a huge fight about it, but in the end return to being good Friends realizing, that they are just where they need to be.
I'm not even gonna bother to cover the fact that I felt kind of jealouse of their relationship, 'cause every girl need a standfort, right?
But on the other hand it finally dawned on me the fact that this fantasy of the "Squad" or the group of frieds you have at certain stages of your life is actually just that... A stage. A fantasy.
I once read a quote that really stuck to my mind which said, that if you are not losing friends, you are not growing up. And that's true, isn't it?
There are people who become really important at certain stages of your life, but will at some point maybe not leave you, but follow their own path.
I feel like sometimes the heart needs a little more time to accept what the brain already knows. And now I know.
I know and hope that my friends will remain my friends for a long long time. I'd like to believe the fantasy in which I get to invite them to my wedding and years after that our kids meet and become friends (ok, I got a little carried away here) it's true. But thinking a little less ahead, I'd like to think they'll be there rooting for me when I'm applying to Collegue, or I'll be there for them planning their proposals to their girlfriends and so on.. But every single one of this acts are steps in new paths not everyone will follow.
Each one of us will eventually start a new life, a new relationship or a new friendship where the others will not jump into, not because they don't want to, but because it's just not their place.

I hope that after an inevitable separation, we meet again and like people who once meant a lot to each other ...
"comes a fine recapitulation of the past where they remember only the best, forgetting it was picked out from a time of ordinaries, forgetting that the ordinariness was pleasant but now a beautiful memory.." -F. Scott Fitzgerald.
To all my beautiful friends...
I love you, and I know we still have a few months ahead of us, but it might be time, for me at least, to finally come at peace with the fact that we are... Growing up.

Much love,
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