Who are you?

That's one of the few questions we make our entire lives and rarely get a satisfying answer.
Nevertheless altough the negative rate, I've been asking it a lot lately.
Who am I? Who have I been? Who am I becoming?

Transitioning to University has been in a way a lot easier then I had anticipated. 
So far, I've loved every second of it. 
I like my classes, my projects, the people around me and even campus. Somehow I thought that I would be missing those concrete walls that were my home for more than 16 years a lot more and the friends I made along the way, but it hasn't been the case. I haven't felt the nostalgia I feared so much. neither the so called "comfort" of everyone "knowing me" in fact being new, an having the chance to "reinvent" myself has been one of the greatest gifts I've ever been given. 

I had been labeled so many things for so long, that I had actually started believing everything people said about me. In a way I knew who I was and I knew that those were lies, but I even started changing my ways thinking ahead, that people wouldn't listen to me, help me or anything else because of me being me. 
However, now that I'm presenting myself to the world again, I'm discovering that I'm not even near to  who I thought I was.

I used to be the girl who wouldn't participate in hypocresy, I would speak my mind, with respect but truth and that was not something everyone aproved. I used to be the girl who had started working in magazines and had a blog for everyone to feel less about themselves, which is OBVIOUSLY not the case.The chance presented itself and I just took it, I did  it because It made ME happy and was an opportunity I would had been fool  to waste. 

 All of those things made me be a girl whose opinions were listened and appreciated under the water, cause agreeing with me would be just to controversial for the status quo. 
So I started seeing myself as a controversial, too direct, too real, too hard to love person... And it hurt.
I survived and managed to make some friends among the once who did not believe those things... But that didn't change the fact that I had started to do so.

So, I was terrifyed about University. I was terrifyed about confirming that I indeed was THAT girl, even tough a part of me clinged to the idea that I was not.

So the first day, to my surprise I had to prepare a presentation on who I was. I shared my work, and myself with people I'm still not yet fully acquiented with, and it turned out well.  They loved it. I was cheered, applauded, congratulated..... I got a complete opposite reaction to what I had been forced to endure for over the  last decade.

I was in shock at first, because I've never been used to such a positive vibe in general.
People want me to be a part of their team. They wave their hand at me across campus. They respect me, and engage in conversation because they want to, not because the have to.
I've made friends. Cool friends, with people with an open mindset, the ability to cope with other people's differences and be nice. 

So, I'm surprise and I feel comfortable. Safe, good, free to ask myself who am I without all the backround noise.
I like this new person who's meeting tons of people and getting along. I love that she's not judged for what she has worked so hard for, I love that she feels like she's finally were she belongs.
I love thas she's finally focussing on projects that make her get excited and happy to wake up at 4:30 am to go to College every day. 
I trully love that she's getting involved and that she's HAPPY. 
I talked about the best compliment people could ever give you once, remember? 
Which in my opinion is to tell you that you look happy... And now I am. 
Fully, trully happy. 

R. Woodworth

Beauty: Fresh Lemon Scrub

I made an extensive guide of the many uses of Coconut Oil and why we should all add it to our beauty routine. It makes your skin glow, flushes out toxins, removes death cells,  moisturizes skin, lips and hair, works as the perfect depilatory cream and it's 100% natural.
There nothing you can't love about it.
So, this long weekend feeling very creative and craving something fresh, I decided to make this delicious lemon body scrub.
It's really simple to make, lets you get creative with the scents and could be a very cute present to give away, maybe to your friends on Valentine's.
I chose the all natural way by adding the scent with half a lemon, but you can buy lavender, rose, peppermint or any other essence.

You are going to need:
- A glass jar (easier to leave in the bathroom)
- 12 tbspoons of sugar
- 1/2 Cup melted Coconut Oil
- Lemons or any scent you want.

Once you've melted the coconut oil, add the sugar together with the scent and stir in a bowl until the mixture is homogeneous.
 Once it is ready, pour the mix into the jar. I took some time to decorate mine with printed tape as you can see and well... It is ready to go.
Hope you like this little recipe to get the good stuff of coconut into your routine.

Xoxo, RWPF

New York Stories

Lessons I learned from the big apple…
It's really easy to get caught up in the fantasy (and myth) of the New York City that Sex & the City has sold us, but Carrie Bradshaw is not real and if she were she'd be crippled by debt (because everything is expensive AF) and would probably already be in a wheel chair with all her heel-running around by now, but it is true that New York has a certain charm one can’t really ignore, and here are just 10 things I learned in my last visit to THE CITY that never sleeps…

1.      You will walk more than you ever thought you would and you will get blisters, so DON’T WEAR HEALS, unless you are walking just one block or have a pair of flats hidden in your purse.

2.      Always carry bandaids. As I said before, you’ll be walking as if your life depended on it!

3.      Learn to move on the subway. It is much more convenient than Uber-ing your way through town or taking a cab, you don’t have to deal with traffic, and can save the extra bucks to enjoy the city.

4.      If you get lost, just ask for directions and people will sort you out. New Yorkers are actually very nice.

5.      Talk to strangers. The person standing next to you in the subway or the line at Starbucks might be just SUPER COOL! You can make friends in the most unexpected places.

6.      Say YES! Say yes to every invitation you get even if you are exhausted, don't know anyone or assume you aren't dressed appropriately. You will make tons of memories and it would be a crime to miss out in this city.

7.      Be alone. This is the greatest city in the world in which to be alone. You see it everywhere. People reading, running errands or just listening to music while walking down the street by themselves. We're all "alone together” Go to the museum by yourself. Go to breakfast, lunch and dinner by yourself. Sit in the park by yourself. Take a break. It is really easy to get caught in the fast rhythm of New York. Take a moment to embrace its beauty. Watch and listen to the chaos of the city that revolves around you. Get inspired.

8.      Stay away from big national chain restaurants and coffee shops in the hopes of finding those neighbourhood gems and spots with totally unique flavor and character, that way, you’ll find the magical New York everyone craves.

9.      Always bring your camera or cell phone, New York is filled with art in every corner.

10.   Remember to look up.
R. Woodworth

Beauty: Coconut Heaven

Hello my dear readers!
In today's beauty tips I would love to show you the many good and healthy uses of Coconut Oil, which I discovered by a great change I've recently made in my life.
I'm doing a detox... which has shown me how we should actually care for what we eat in order to stay healthy. And one of the first steps for that is to acknoledge what we we are consuming. Most products are GMO's  (Genetically Modified Organisms) extremely toxic for our body. Apples
look red and pretty at the supermarket but are hard compared to the juicy one from the market. Why?
They tend to spray them to improve their appearance by making them ripe prematurely so that the product is sold.
That's just one of the many example we found on humans altering nutrients, proteins and minerals in perfect condition.
I can say that nature is wise and that if we ever need something it will provide us with answers and remedies.
So today I want to share with you how many uses you are able to give to Coconut Oil.
  • Hair  Conditioner:Whenever you apply coconut oil it will moisturize your hair and perfectly clean your scalp and prevent psoriasis thanks to its antibacterial properties. In addition, coconut oil will reduce your stress because its aroma decreases mental fatigue.
    Like any beauty procedure you must follow certain restrictions so that you achieve a good result. The best way to use it without leaving a greasy residue is to apply before shampoo. Spread evenly throughout the hair and massage the scalp for about two to three minutes. Leave it for 10 or 15 minutes. Then rinse and proceeds to wash your hair as usual.

  • Hands & Feet:Coconut oil can also soften your skin. Just sleep with gloves and socks after applying at night. It's like Vaseline but it will absorb into the skin.

  • Face Mask: Use half cup of oil, half cup of yogurth and honey to make a delicious beauty mask that will soak into your pores and leave your skin perfect.

  • Makeup Remover: Serves up to remove waterproof mascara. Place a small amount on a cotton and sweep gently over your eyes. Once the makeup is gone, wash your face as you normally do. I would also recommend to wash it with the oil first as it has been proven it makes atopic dermatitis go away.

  • Depilatory Cream: Conventional depilatory creams are full of chemicals, coconut oil is antimicrobial and smells delicious. In addition to its properties provide comfort to the skin will leave skin super moisturized but never greasy

  • Body scrub: make your own homemade scrub. It provides intense hydration, and is 100 percent free of chemicals. All you need is half a cup of coconut oil and a cup of brown sugar, mix well and finally add 5 drops of vanilla or essential oil.

  • Cooking: Of course this is the best option to cook. I take a tablepoon daily on an empty stomach to get rid of anything toxic during the day.
It's magic! Try it and tell me what you think..!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

Soulmates, LBD's & Gemstones

I am an over analytical person.
Altough I could say that I'm quite a nerdy gal, I do not lose sleep over what the square root of Pi is.
For me, the more "mundane" and emotional things are, the more I wonder how we work and why we behave in certain ways. I'm attracted to the extremes, the dark and bright things that make people tick. That is how I develop certain hypothesis which then become... "Fashion Theories"
The latest one is about soul seeking mates...

People think about soulmates as we fashionistas would think about  little black dresses when in fact they're much more like, let's say... Diamonds, champagne or any type of shimmering complement.
See, once you've found the perfect LBD, because they are quite difficult to come by, you can have as much of it as you like. It'll become you anchor, your savior whenever you have no clue of what to wear, the best friend that'll make you always look good, your companion on every special occasion...
It won't really matter because at that point you will have already felt that long craved perfect fit you felt the very first time you tried it on. The feeling won't change (unless of course you loose or gain weight, but that's another story) Even though you like it, you absolutely adore it, it might even be the pinacle of couture, once you've found it you will have satiated your five senses with just one comprehensive silhuette.

With gemstones for example, you get the opportunity to indulge in variety. You don't have to choose a diamond bracelet over an emerald necklace or ruby earrings. You can be finicky about your selection by wearing only one type or combine all as you please!
When thinking about soulmates, the supposition is that after you've found that one person, your search is over, your existence has been complemented and therefore completed.
But that leaves us with very few options doesn't it? If every time we thought we had found the one was true, where would that leave us?
Probably wearing one single LBD as uniform for the rest of our lifes.

According to Wikipedia the exact definition of soulmate is "a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity"
It all goes back to ancient Greece where they believed that when humans were first created they were Androgynus beings, greedy Zeus in an attempt to gain more human worship decided to split them down the middle. And so, women and men appeared. This separated humans would then pine for their other half the rest of eternity.
However, let's not forget that all this relentless search really was and still is a pursuit of happiness.
And that's where everything turns interesting.
Does only that one LBD posses the ability to make you happy?
Can't a pair of sapphires make you feel the same?
Can't a partner be just a partner? A really great one, who gets you, who likes you just as much as you like him or her, who feels comfortable in your company, someone who you can trust?
Because friendship is a powerful thing.
This last few months my mind has been mulling over the matter asking itself if it was wrong to see other people as soulmates, because I'm almost certain that I get most of this benefits from a bunch of girls who have become more like my sisters over the years.
Those who text you good luck messages before an exam, "good morning have a nice day" even from the other side of the world, listen to every single one of your issues and even love you when you are the opposite of your most lovable self.
I feel the exact same thing when I think about my mom, who gets me to a degree that I don't even get myself.
Of course, the difference between a dress and a gem in this case is the level of sexual stimulation, which doesn't mean that only because you have a connection with someone belonging to the other gender, they can't be stored in your jewelry box among your other lucky charms, right?
That's precisly the thing.
Can't your love, the one, be your little black dress and your friends be your shiny accesories? All in a soulmate spectrum?

The chemical formula for love is C8H11NO2+C10H12N2O+C43H66N12O12S2.
Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin. All produced by a reciprocity of trust and affection, which can be easily manufactured in a lab as well and it's overdose can cause schizophrenia, extreme paranoia, and insanity.
So in any case, whether it is because of a dress or a piece of jewellery, at any rate, if love doesn't kill you, i
t will certainly drive you crazy.
Xoxo, RWPF