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"You look HAPPY!" is what she told me.

Not your average compliment, but for some reason one that can make you feel better than any other.
Freshly returned from my little trip to Utopia relaxed and with a clear head, I decided it was time for another makeover more appropriate for fall.
With a new edgy banged long bob, I woke up on monday and somehow managed to put together a new and chic ensamble to start the week with the right foot. One of those outfits you simply picture and once you put on, look effortlessly good.
I looked myself in the mirror and felt great, recharged and ready to return positive and with some sort of clue of how I was going to go on with my life, to the routine.
Still following that trail of thoughts I went downstairs to have breakfast, when my mom told me I was looking very pretty.
I felt the urge to tell her that I knew, NOT BECAUSE I WAS BEING COCKY, but because I somehow felt that way. Nevertheless I only managed to say thank you.
I got to school and started receiving compliments about my new hair and outfit; a few hours later while I was talking about my vacation with one of my friends, when she told me that I looked happy.
This trully surprised me... From all the compliments I got, this was the one I could say was 100% true and shockingly accurate.
I am really happy, I feel  happy, and I have been extremely happy about it the last couple of days!
It had been a while since I've felt this way,  complete, calm and centered, and there is surprisingly no special reason to it. I just feel restored.... At least most of the time. There are ups and down like there should, but now I have the strenght to deal with them.
It's true that the ocean heals. They say that:
 "Whatever we loose (a you or a me) its always ourselves we find in the sea"
It's dance teaches us how nothing is static, how everything is in constant motion and how as much as we like it, it does not belong to us, the way we don't belong to it.
It makes clear what make us sad, and what makes me and every human being on the planet sad is change, and the amount of attention we pay to things that don't really matter, or maybe do in the moment, just not that much to the near future.
Sometimes we have or crave things to fill our emptyness, because we all carry a burgeon from time to time that makes us anxious and uncomfortable.
Call it school, the future, love, friendship, money... we all do, and we all try to ease it up and bandage the bleeding or find refugee in hobbies, food, sick shopping or in serious cases sex, work, cigarettes, alcohol and people, but in the end it all oozes through and stains our lifes if we don't face reality.
We need to find the pieces to fill ourselves by ourselves so that everything else acts as a complement to our existence. We have to become our own anchor, because everyone and everything else has it's own reasons to be, to come or sadly to go. 
As Earth keeps spining and flowers blooming we find ourselves in an infinite state of change we can't control, so we have to go with the flow and never fully depend on anyone or anything.
This doesn't mean we can't spoil ourselves with things like...expensive footwear for example, just do it for the right reasons.
People who say money can't buy happiness firstly do not know where to shop, and secondly are irrefutably right.
Because money can make you thrive full of luxury and amenities that can draw a smile on your face, but that smile would be a sign of temporary happiness, because like the trendiest pieces in fashion, it would only lasts one season.
So, pamper yourself, but do it because you can and want to, not to impress somebody, not because you have a date or the girl next door has a brand new pair of shoes you like, because that means that your true happiness actually lies in the hands of someone else, and no one should ever have the power to control your emotions.
This outfit made me feel extremely cool and that's the sort of power a garnment should be impregnated with. Not memories from someone else, but accomplishments from one self.
Just as the hair cut. If you need a change, a milestone of reborn, do it.
Do a makeover, go shopping, wear a new shade of lipstick, ditch the smoking slippers for sky high heels and concentrate on whatever makes you feel all right, because most of the things we crave come once we have completed ourselves and can live that way.
It is as if  accesories start pouring in, to give life a little extra sparkle!
Running around full of them wouldn't be a thing, would it?
Remember, you have to style yourself properly at first, look stunning the way you are, to then find a statement that makes you shine EVEN MORE, not the other way around.

This is just some though I wanted to share with you guys today.
Hopefully you don't look just pretty, polished and elegant everyday... But radiate that glow of happiness as well!


Xoxo, RWPF

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