50 Shades of Bangs!

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Well, first I want to apologize because of the lack of daily post lately, but life is getting a little more complicated as graduation approaches and school is stealing all my time.
Nevertheless it's beauty wednesday and I want to share with you guys my latest trim!

Fall is the perfect opportunity to get a hair cut and now that I've been through the major chop, I decided to get a little more texture and try with bangs again.
A long bob is for sure the most comfortable and trendiest option of the season, just try to apply a little texture to it. I had it layered from my cheeckbone to my neck so it has more movement and I do not know why, but I see something sexy about it. (I think hair is sexy for some very strange reason, don't judge me HA HA HA)
The bangs just add more of a frame to your face an VOILA! supernal complement to hats, beanies and all thick coats you want to wear.
The good thing about this look is how versatile it is.
You can get a false bob by tucking half of it under the first layer, you can braid or pull up your bangs and show your entire face (if you like your forehead) or simply achieve a nice ponytale like the one from Andy on the Devil wears prada, with sophisticated bangs.
I love going to the salon and then shacking my head to see how it all gets back to place and how it moves. I love it love it love it love it deeply!
Are you considering any new looks to end the year?
Xoxo, RWPF

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