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Femme Fa-tale
/fem-fə-ˈtal(z), ˌfam-, -ˈtäl(z)\
- A woman who attracts men for her aura of charm and mystery 
- An attractive and seductive woman who will ultimately be the destruction of any man who engages her. 
I asked you guys the other day what you though control meant. 
The answer was basically that control is based on logistics, planning and some sort of strenght to impose your will over others. 
So I thought, well... then it is a good thing that I myself am a control freak, right?
Because under that definition it seamed that if you manage to have control, you have everything figured out.

Well, I don't

Until a few weeks ago I have alway thought that being in control of the things I could control, would assure me the results I wanted. But that's wrong. Really, really, wrong. 
Over-obsessing over details, trying to be always perfect, planning every second of every day and having everything figured out is as much a blessing as it is a curse.

You enclose yourself in a bubble in your comfort zone and repel everything that seems a little too out of place whether that means experiences, people or even emotions.

"So... What's next? Without control wouldn't we be living in complete anarchy?"
-exclaimed my brain in distress

Well, not exactly. 
Control should serve as a base for a bit of order in life. Nevertheless, to avoid anarchy, one must learn how to cope with the unexpected; how to NOT crumble under pressure, stress, fear and uncertainty.

The only way to do so is through power

Because power, unlike control, is all about your inside. 
It is about protecting your heart and soul, as corny as that may sound. 
It is about having the strength to get around troubles without compromising your internal well-being.
Power means that you are ok with your actions and have no regrets; not because of what people may think, but because it won't make you feel uncomfortable later. 
Drinks, kisses, statements or confessions you name it... 
You'll have the power as long as it doesn't make you question your integrity the next day.

Exactly at that point in my analysis is where my association with the femme fatale-ness comes in. 
Speaking as a girl, I usually feel that we are often submitted to hard judgement from society. 
Everyone can be a victim of prejudice, but thousands of years of patriarchy can't be washed away in a second to make us forget that we are usually the ones portrayed as the delicate beings in the eternal wait for a prince, who in the mean time tends to get across cruel dragons who easily mess with her heart.
But it doesn't stop there. She might be submitted to this same pressure among her friends too, if she doesn't agree with everything they say... 
At the end, from every angle you'll see the ultimate image of a girl who surrenders her power to the willing of someone else in the hopes of receiving something, in this case, love or acceptance.

But that's never going to happen, is it? Giving up yourself will end up turning into dependency or coexistence and a complete loss of your persona.

I've always considered myself someone who does things by the book. 

So, dealing with unexpected variables and attitudes has become a little bit of a problem, specially when it involves situation that make me become vulnerable such as relationships.

And that's were I feel that the femme fatale must be evoke, not with the goal of destruction, but as the guardian of your - self.

That's what I liked about the newest Rouge Interdit collection. 
It is not based on portraying utter sensuality, but the power that comes from withing making you completely irresistible.
I'm not sure if it was the den-like underground club we were into, the red lights, the lipstick or the sexiest LBD I've ever worn in my life. 
But that night, it became clear to me that power emanates from within. And that if you manage to find it, underneath the doubts, the judgmental voices and insecurities, you'll be ok.

I've always said that clothing is powerful and I feel like fashion is an umbrella where everybody finds shelter and comfort; but it is ground zero to experiment as well. 
I must confess that I was a little nervous, because I don't usually play with my sensuality that much while dressing up, but that night, I wasn't just wearing a black dress. 
I was letting the glamazon come out and shine. It was exhilarating. 
I felt in command of myself and the aura I was projecting. 
It was somehow proof that the good girl whose ego had been smashed a few months ago for being too naive could turn into someone stronger, bolder and much more confident.
They say that you have to burn first to be able to rise from the ashes.
I say, don't be a phoenix, become a Femme Fatale
Roberta Woodworth

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