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Happy Halloween my beloved readers!
Whether you are hitting the town or going trick or treat-ing tonight doesn't really matter, today is a day to have fun, eat lots of sweets and go a crazy with your look.
Every year I end up dressing up as your typical Halloween girl: Devil, cat woman, witch... non of them kinky or trully scary (because I hate horror houses or movies or anything..) just plain, simple, characters with nice heels, red lipstick and heavy eye makeup.
But this year I had a creative urge to do something a bit more complicated, match my attraction for deep things and defined collar bones.
So, I decided to turn into a, maybe cliché however cool, skull.
Thing is that makeup can upgrade your look and give you the chance to wear something completely discrete, reason why it is the perfect option if you are looking for a quick way to add the spooky factor to your look!
The look was simple, an all black ensamble consisting in a strapless top, leather skirt, tights and anckle booties to center the attention on my face which was first painted white with an egg-shaped sponge to then lined and smudged with black to create the skull.
The most fun part and what I thing made the costume so great was to draw the neck, collar bones and ribs, which in my opinion made everything more sophisticated.

Keep reading to find more ideas on how to upgrade your dress up game with a little makeup.
Mythical monster with snake skin best known for turning people into stone; specially men who reminded her to poseidon, the one to blame for her horrid state of misfortune.
While scales will look amazing and super complicated, they are not.
Look for any sort of mesh around your house, it can even be the one from the apples when bought at the supermarket, place it over your head and paint with a brush previously soaked with green eyeshadow or painting powder. 
After wards you can apply rhinestones to make the look more "luxurious" and complement the "mythical" idea. 
Very simple and sexy way to remain casual if you don't really like people starring at your dramatic makeup.
This is perfect to go to school or office if there's any halloween celebration to match your most normal attire. 

VERY dramatic eyemakeup with golden details, tons of black eyeliner and many golden accesories like cuffs, head pieces, arm bangles and a pair of gladiator sandals with a white dress will turn you into the queen of Egypt.
  Black Widow
Such is the power of this beautiful eyemakeup, that makes people  forget to ask what you are. 

 Lace-y Daisy
Beautiful things need effort.... Except for this look. 
Ethereal and elegant, the forest nymph marks were made the same as the gorgon scales but with a piece of lace and black shadows.

Sweet, cute and fairytale like Bambi.

Nothing more mysterious than a mask, which turna out to be always a good idea.

  Sugar skull
Super beautiful and traditional to change things a bit.
Xoxo, RWPF

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