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Ahhhhh...... Relaxation!
One of my favourite things to do in the entire world (literally) is to travel, and it's been a while since I've been on vacation and just enjoyed myself.
I've made a pause on my novel to write to you guys from Cancun, sitting at the beach across an ómbre ocean, feeling the salty breez in my face while sipping cocktails and attempting to tan, because I've been looking too spectral lately.
I can finally say that I'm recharging from the last two months of tension result of the intoxicating mixture between finals, Fashion week and boy related issues. (Yep, I get those too...)
School is getting difficult as graduation approaches and everything related to it is turning into something extremely overwhelming for my sensible self.
Fashion week month ended and I'm still working on the blog content to make every show as vivid and detailed as it deserves.
And well, related to boy-issues there's not much I can say except that just like Carrie I don't really know much about them, at least not the way I know about are shoes.
I know that shoes understand, shoes never leave, shoes don't create expectations they are NOT READY/ABLE/WANTING to fullfil, shoes don't play with your emotions, shoes will NEVER awaken your love without the intention of loving you back, because shoes are not cowards.
Shoes are your partners in crime... So basically, SHOES are BAE! End of story.

As you may see, I really needed some time to unplug my mind from everything and appreciate the good things in life: Family, good literature, nature and the pleasures of peace, like meditation.
"Meditation is the dissolution of thought in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity..."              
- Voltaire
This might sound funny for the people who know me and are reading this right now, because I'm well known for being someone who enjoys a conversation. It's recently become clear to me through all this meditation and self analize, that I do not only enjoy them, but crave them.
I tend to feel attracted or drawn to people to whom I feel I have a mental connection with, to whom I feel I have the confidence to talk to, to who I feel understands me. I have discovered that the only way I can develope a liking for somebody is through the intimacy created by mutual shared vulnerability.

However to clear my head and realize all this, I need silence from time to time.
Adolfo Domínguez said at his store opening a few weeks ago that time, silence and space are nowaday's luxury and he is completely and irrevocably right.
Living in a world polluted in so many ways... Ecologically, with noise, with propaganda... It should be mandatory to get a chance to free our mind.
To have a chance to isolate from all the bluster of our environment and listen to our private monologue, set goals, pamper ourselves or simply take pleasure in the distraction it offers.

Hoola Lipgloss/Benefit
Travel fragrance/ Voyage Hermés
Straw bag/ My Vintage Armoire
Sandals/Nine West
Pamela/Local Market
Of course all of this can be accompanied by style.
So, if you are going to the beach soon, ditch the heels for embelished sandals, a panamá or pamela hat, oversized blouses, a straw bag, a few scarves, your travel scent ...Mine is the new VOYAGE by Hermés (Because I like to be redundant on the wanderlust factor) and your most iconic sunnies. I never leave the house without my aviators, a taste inherited from my dad I'm far to overcome.
Order a cocktail, let it sink in, watch the oceans rythmic dance, write your fears in the sand and let them be erased by the current. Give yourself that relief.
Breath, forgive, let go.

Xoxo, RWPF

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