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My last day of school was last week.
It was my last day as a junior high school student, and after leaving school the only thing I could think about was all my friends who graduated this year and the ones who will be spending a year abroad and I won't be seeing anymore. For me, that day was filled with goodbyes, that even though are said to be a part of life, it does not mean that it’s something we know how to deal with or even want to. We could be talking about the end of a chapter, a lover, a friend, a workplace or home that leads in any case it is really hard to say goodbye and let go of eveything we've been through. Nevertheless doing so, waving away the fit-well-once-but-not-so-much-anymore things, is always followed by a new purpose.
I somehow realized that as long as we aren’t comfortable nor willing to say goodbye we can't fully commit, take a risk or embrace our purpose, because we’re terrified of feeling stuck. Choosing wrong or loosing interest and that means that w e’re so worried about the future that we cling desperately to the present.
So, one of my year resolutions is to become good at goodbyes or at least at handeling them so I can confidently embrace what comes my way next.

Here’s my 4-step process for rocking goodbyes:
Acknowledge the pain
Have you ever heard that anger is a secondary emotion? See, something always triggers anger. When it comes to goodbyes the initial emotion is often some form of sadness, loss or grief and if we let these vulnerabilities go unnoticed then anger takes over making us unable to ever heal. So first accept tht it hurts and why it hurts to be able to fulfill the next step.

Thank whatever is leaving or ended 
Take time to acknowledge all the ways this particular “thing” helped you. Specially if was something that didn’t serve you or hurt you. Some sort of lesson must lay beside it.
Whatever it is that’s leaving you, send gratitude for its service. Then let it go.

Unplug from it.
Like a lamp into the wall. Unplug the cord. Turn it off. This is how you stop running its energy. Stop feeling it. Stop connecting to it. And now have an empty outlet to plug in whatever you want.

Fill in the space the goodbye created with something you want.
Like crossing monkey bars, reach for what you want next.
Put words to it. Describe it. Imagine how it feels. Let this new, better-fitting thing, be your new energy source and put your mind to building it.

Crop top/DIY My Vintae Armoire
Statement Necklace/ SACHI
Sunníes/ TOMS
Bucket Bag/H&M
Mules/ C&A

I'll be returning to school to my senior year as soon as summer ends. So, the time to say goodbye to 15 years with the same people, teachers, halls and feeling is around the corner.
Still, I hope that whatever comes next is much more thrilling ...
For now I'll just enjoy the beautiful weather and company that this season brings along.
I went to grab a bite with my family in this little ensamble. Very fresh and casual perfect for a calm weekend.
You've seen over every single social media my obsession for this new statement necklace, it is from SACHI and I love it. Adds the perfect level of sophistication to a White t-shirt or cocktail dress. Head over to their media and check them out. I'll be announcing a contest to win one of their pieces in a few days! Stay tuned!
Hope you like it!

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