Confessions of a Shoppaholic

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I mean... Harsh, but true.
Just kidding, I'm not that bitchy or materialistic but a girl has needs and most of them, at least if I talk about myself, are anckle-strap shoe-and-fringed-bag related.
So, today I want to tell you the story of when I found out about my addiction, which might just seem as another tale of Fashion histeria but is in fact much more complex and deeper than what most of us would admit.
I want to share al well, because I know that you guys and I are part of a wolfpack of strange birds who mostly suffers it.
Well, the story goes like this... 
My mom and I decided to go to brunch the other day and have some quality girl time to chit chat about boys and overly indulge in goat cheese & fig macarons with a cup of tea (which I don't  even remotely regret)
Afterwards we went to the mall to take a little stroll during some casual window shopping, where I ended up not only looking but also buying a great amount of things. Just 2 days later, on saturday, we went to the mall again to meet some Friends for lunch and on our way to the restaurant I bumped into a cute dress. 
I told my parents that I just wanted to see it and that I would meet them later, but the moment I stepped into the store I got  surrounded by sales, crop tops, sequined dresses and so many accesories which couldn't keep myself from unleashing my credit card and buying some more.
My mother's face when I got to the restaurant holding shopping bags was the sign I needed to make me see how dangerously things were getting out of hand. And so I recapitulated.
The past weeks,there was no store I had gone inside that I hadn't ended up making a purchase.
That's kind of serious.
It's compulsive, irrational and as much as it is good for the economy which I would gladly help all day long, it's certainly bad for mine.
And so I decided to accept the fact that I had a problem. An addiction to shopping and a compulsion to make decitions which often ended up being shortly meditated and sometimes quite regretable.
If you think about it there's another aspect to such irrational consumption often followed by the common known
There's a phase after buying something you love where you ask yourself what your life even was before having it. Because the moment you make the purchase, it is as if everything you own couldn't work without those snake pumps you now so proudly cherish.
Now imagine getting something new practically every two days...
That goes against the master rule of every fashionis which dictates that everything in a closet should be wearable and pairable!
So ditching "oldies" at the back of it is just a waste.
To make the story short I submited myself to a relaxation therapy. I though about it. And now as silly as it sounds I take deep breaths before going into any clothing store. 
I allow myself to see, apreciate details, imagine looks, try on shoes but now seriously think about the rules of HOW TO GO SHOPPING? and analize the quality of the purchase before leaving the store. If it doesn't cover the requirenments of the previous post, then it's just not for you/me/us in any case.
Let's become a more focused and responsable shopper society!
remember that the first step is to acknowledge the problem and that it is ok to have a drug of choice as long as it does not control you.

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