A Cinderella Story

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"If you gotta force it, leave it. Whether it's friendship, love or shoes... Please Do. Otherwise you'll end up hurt and it won't be worth it"

After a very long wednesday debating about State Responsibility and other legal matters of global interest in a UN Model, I decided it was time to relax and give myself a treat.
That way, after more than 8 hours running around in my Gucci black-pointytoe-4-inch shoes, diplomatically presenting resolutions and glamourosly discrediting the unremitting attacks of the most bickering "delegate", I turned to the one thing I use to disconect: Shopping.
Really... Even if I don't buy a thing, I just like to stroll around, enter boutiques and try on clothes, different styles and accesories for the sake of it with no pressure what so ever, but because I have time and want to amuse myself; nevertheless if I did find something in my relaxation, something I wasn't looking for, I would be scoring bonus points don't you think? (True words of a shopaholic!)
Leaving that aside, my procrastination lead to the purchase of a very nice dress and some makeup until I finally decided it was time to pay a mere visit to the house of luxury, better known as Saks Fith Avenue, and analyse my options for a future birthday present I'm planing to treat myself with.
And so, I made my way through marabú Lanvin hats, De la Renta gowns, Moschino barbie attires and Givenchy bags to the shoe department with the intention of trying on the newest Balmain peep-toe ropped pumps now splashed all over every magazine on the planet, but then all of the sudden I spotted a pair of hot pink Hangisi Satin Manolos, better known as the "Carrie Shoes" , those Mr. Big uses to declare his love to her in a fairytale scene. (For further reference watch Sex&The City 1).
After  already having asked for both pairs in my number, studded pointy-toe Louboutins came across my path, and well, when are red soles ever too much?
Packed and ready I sat down and started trying them on. For my surprise the Louboutins were extremely uncomfortable, extremely beautiful, but certainly made the point Monsieur Christian has been circuling all this years; he doesn't want his shoes to be considered comfortable, but divine. The Balmain sandals I was so eager to try on the first place somehow didn't have that fit I was looking for. A true shame. However the Manolos, the ones I was not looking were like gloves, perfectly fitted, comfortable and marvellous. I didn't want to take them off.
An in the end that's it isn't it?
Somehow things fall into place when you least expect them to, because in the end what you are looking for is looking for you as well, not neccesarily in the way you picture it.
I'm not saying that those beautiful babies were waiting for me patiently to arrive, however for a matter of destiny we found each other half way between perfection and fatigue... Somewhere better known as work.
I could have felt bad because the others were not comfortable, or I could have cryed my nights away because of the pain they would have caused and eventually stop wearing them if I had decided to clinched to them even if they had already proofed to be no perfect match.
So, on a way I should be glad they were no match in the first place because even if it hurts to let them there, it trully caused a great amount less of pain than what they could have had.
We tend to feel sad for things that didn't work out nonetheless we desperately wanted them to, but we shouldn't see this as a closing door, but rather as life's way to redirect us to something way better.
Not because you like something or want something to happen means it will, most of the time you don't have full power over those things and can't really force anyone or anything to act in a certain way, still you have the power to work for certain things and learn from your mistakes either to prevent getting sad or to make them work the next time.
Breath deeply, let  go and remember....
Cinderella never asked for a prince, the only thing she trully wanted was a night off and a dress!
Xoxo, RWPF

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