The World According to Karl

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My admiration for this man, this mysterious man who has spent years hiding behind a pair of dark glasses, seeing the world without being seen, dates back many years.
Master of the seam, has the ability to break paradigms and modernize the classic without losing its essence, and for someone like me who dreamed about being a very successful fashion designer was an enviable quality as each collection under his command is something completely different, unexpected, fabulous and elegant.
The most curious thing about Karl is that he is not only an extremely talented designer, but through the years has become a brand, an icon, the uncle of all fashion freaks and one of the most multifaceted people in the industry. As a well stablished designer, photographer and filmmaker I would call him the cornucopia of art in the fashion scene.
This book "The World According To Karl" is one that I love, because it summarizes all his iconic quotes impregnated with his characteristic attitude, a little proud, never modest, with a pinch of sincereness and a base of confidence that we love about him.
Don't you love to read phrases perfectly describing your mood or simply inspiring?
That is what every single one of this sayings does to me. Some of them are just too good to be truth and I've decided to share them with you! Hope you like them!
Karl On Life
"My autobiography? I don't have to write it. I'm living it!"
"Psychoanalisis! First of all, it kills creativity. Secondly, if you are honest with yourself then you know all the questions and the answers."
Karl on Fashion
"Trendy is the last stage before tacky"
"In Fashion you have to break something to make it again, to love what you've hated and hate what you've loved"
"Fashion is neither moral or amoral but can boost your moral"
"The world of Fashion is ephemeral, dangerous and unfair"
Karl on Style
"What is style? It starts with breaking away from convention, smashing accepted reality"
"If you don't have an elegant phyque, the most elegant dress won't change that. A pheasanyt can be madly elegant, and a very rich person may look like a pint pot"
"jogging pants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of life, you wear jogging pants"
Karl on Karl
"I am a black diamond, unfaceted. Black diamonds are rare, hard to cut and therefore uncommercial"
"I've gone beyond ego"
"I have a client mentality, I like to shop"
Karl on Chanel
"A touch of humor and a bit of disrespect; that's what a legend need to survive"
Karl on Luxury
"Luxury is a discipline"
"Often these days, luxury is expensive goodie bought by nobodies who don't have a luxury life"
"Books are a hard-bound drug on which you can't overdose"
Karl on being in Shape
"I want to be a chic coat hanger"
Xoxo, RWPF

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