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"I am minimalist. I like saying the most with the least" - Bob Newhart
Two or Three years ago statements and polished looks of pointy pumps and skinny jeans had their peak, however 2014 brought hit with a wave of messy hair, baggy pants, varsity jackets, sporty crop tops, sneakers and caps that triggered the rapid progression into what we commonly know as Normcore. Suddenly getting all dressed up is seen as uncool leading people in the search of achieving that ooze of style without even trying. 
Normcore has two tendencies. The first one is based on sporty accents where sneakers are the favourite option to supply stilettos giving sequined skirts and even camel coats a completely unexpected twist. Caps do the same to blazers just as varsity jackets do flirty dresses. The catch is to maintain balance between sport and glossy. The second one is focussed on Minimalism, the use of clean lines with very few complements, giving fashion lover an opportunity to focus on different structures, colors and avantgarde silhouettes.  I've been craving a sleeveless blazer like Olivia Pope craves wine and Popcorn after a rough day (Yes, I’m obsessed with SCANDAL) meaning A LOT! So, the other day while scattering SALES (with a very cold objective mind of course) I came across this beauty.
You can obviously understand how I wasn’t going to pass such a great opportunity, right? Regarding my bag, I went for an epitome of architecture: matching colors with different proportions and textures discretely playing the role of statement. The t-shirt neutral with a little geometric double charm to keep it casual, finally paired with  marsala booties as an ode of this year's Pantone. I think that the foundation of such a look lies in the lines. The vest, bag and booties are quite simple, yet add a very distinctive sense of style to the look. That way one dresses casual and still looks polished. 



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