Chokers 1-0-1

12:00 AM Roberta W. P. F 0 Comments

It's a trend that's been creeping back thanks to the overall 90's frenecy. Made out of metal, velvet, lace, rhinestones, leather or plastic the choker has become the accesory of the season. It's time to forget about oversized chunky necklaces and wear this YOU-CAN'T-MISS-ME I'M-SUPER-COOL adornments to pair with minimal chains in a very chic constellation like every cool girl in town. Remember, little statements like this make a huge difference in your looks, don't be afraid to play a little.

 This is a statement by itself. The big IT piece you need to change a casual white shirt to a very chic ensamble.

 Layering is the thing now a days, and probably the best ways to take advantage of you jewelry with endless possibilities, Mix your choker with long neklaces, chains, crystals end evrything you can think of.
 Play with proportions. You can either wear a thin choker with tons of other necklaces or wear a thick one like this adding other little chains to match.

Velvet, leather or metal with a a loop is all you need to take your outfit to the next level.
Chokers. All. The. Way.


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