Beauty Tips: Colorimetry session with YSL

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Hello my beloved readers, how are you? I hope you are all doing fine!
I've had a very stressfull week dealing with chemistry and math exam but it's nice to take some time off and write.

Last friday I went to see YSL's new makeup collection and also attend an eye-opener/amazing colorimetry session with the YSL beaute team.
You might be asking yourself what that is...
Well, have you ever wondered which makeup shades you should actually buy to look stunning? or which colors you must wear to look even better?
That's colorimetry!
According to your skin tone, hair and eye color you are categorized into certain group of colors that suits you best.

This are divided in 2 groups, each with two seasons.
-Warm: Spring and Autumn
This group is for light colored skin redheads or golden blondes with brown, green or turquoise eyes. The tones for this girls should be earthy and hot. For example brown, orange, green, hot pink and light blue.

- Cold: Summer and Winter
This category is for brunettes, black haired or platinum blondes with either blue, brown or even grey eyes. They (and I include myself) should really try colors such as pale pink, grey, opaque emerald or wear stronger looks with burgundy, dark brown and cobalt blue.
You might think this is wrong (should be SS and FW), but makeup palletes are divided like this.
Winter, summer, autumn, spring.
I'm "cold" and this are my matching tones.
Now that we got that clear we can start choosing among the most flattering colors.
YSL's new makeup collection!
New crush...
I had many questions for Elenka, YSL's makeup artist, about the urban legends that haunt makeup.
Can you can accentuate your eyes and lips at the same time?
Is it ok to wear dark lipstick in the day?
And now that we know what colors we are, can we mix seasons?
And to all this questions she answered (drum rolls please): YES you can! Play with makeup!
Many runways (Galliano, Saint Laurent) showed dramatic looks and lips for this season.
If you wear dark lipstick (burgundy or brown) in broad daylight only wear mascara for a casual look and if you want to mix, do it.
After clarifying all my doubts it was time to try on the new collection with Elenka's help.
First foundation with a golden glimpse (literally has gold in it) and Touche Eclat to correct the result of long hours of study (hihihihi)
What I loved about this foundation is that you don't actually feel it, your pores breath and you don't have that annoying itch produced by other products
Then the gorgeous Babydoll 11 emerald eyeliner 
On top of my wishlist....
A bit of Babydoll Mascara to make my lashes look surreal and as final touch Vernis Des Alevres 27 for a discreet tone on the lips.
Close up!
Voilà c'est magnifique!
I love attending to this events, because I learn a lot.
Now I know how to buy makeup, combine and apply it and best of all I learned from a great makeup artist and one of the best brands.
Merci YSL beaute for a valuable experience!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F


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