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Hey guys!
Today I write to you sitting quitely in the calm before the storm.
Fashion week starts tomorow for me and I couldn't be more excited.
So, with all the fuzz the only thing I could think about all day were outfits and makeup.
And that got me to the reflections of which lipstick I should wear.
My obvious choice: Red
Classic, elegant, lady like and beautiful, but lately everyime I have an event I tend to choose soemething a little more dark: burgundy or brown.

I love the way this colors look, always very dramatic, sleek, bold, sophisticated and discreetly sexy. And that got me thinking... Is a red lipstick every womens must have? OR shall we start trying our selfes and go out of the comfort zone?

I had arts class today and had to wear makeup for some pictures... You can imagine my choice, which came with an affirmation to the previous question. We should dare!
Many designers as I stated on yesterday's beauty tips have chosen abstruse looks and impressed everybody, I see no reason why we shouldn't take those as example.
I certainly love it and now have a new opinion.

A woman should have 2 essential lipsticks.
The first, red of course, as a timeless color and the second a very dark shade that makes her feel like a complete different woman.

What do you ladies think?
Would you try it?
Have you tryed it?
Do you love it?
My advice, to catch all eyes... wear brown lipstick!

Lipstick/ Rouge in Love Lancôme
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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