Beauty: Fresh Lemon Scrub

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I made an extensive guide of the many uses of Coconut Oil and why we should all add it to our beauty routine. It makes your skin glow, flushes out toxins, removes death cells,  moisturizes skin, lips and hair, works as the perfect depilatory cream and it's 100% natural.
There nothing you can't love about it.
So, this long weekend feeling very creative and craving something fresh, I decided to make this delicious lemon body scrub.
It's really simple to make, lets you get creative with the scents and could be a very cute present to give away, maybe to your friends on Valentine's.
I chose the all natural way by adding the scent with half a lemon, but you can buy lavender, rose, peppermint or any other essence.

You are going to need:
- A glass jar (easier to leave in the bathroom)
- 12 tbspoons of sugar
- 1/2 Cup melted Coconut Oil
- Lemons or any scent you want.

Once you've melted the coconut oil, add the sugar together with the scent and stir in a bowl until the mixture is homogeneous.
 Once it is ready, pour the mix into the jar. I took some time to decorate mine with printed tape as you can see and well... It is ready to go.
Hope you like this little recipe to get the good stuff of coconut into your routine.

Xoxo, RWPF

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