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Pineda Covalín is a brand created to represent Mexican culture in a worthy way.
It invites people to tour the country and its history through contemporary and edgy prints in fine materials like silk, leather and silver.

Last wednesday at a nice little gathering in their boutique at Plaza Carso between champagne and delicious appetizers (the tuna was sublime hahaha) I had the opportunity to speak with the designer Ricardo Covalín and see a sneak peek of the new collection.

Ricardo told me that he designes for a confident, sofisticated woman who doesn't hesitate about what she wears and is very proud of her roots and culture.                                                     
Structures, frets, geometrics and the story of ancient mayan architecture in colaboration with the artists Deborah Lijtzain inspired the new collections, which can not only be carried by girls in purses, scarves and jewellery, but also by stylish men in very trendy slim & skinny ties.

We had the opportunity to personalize our pieces with Swarovski Elements

Ricardo and me

The aim of the brand is to gradually carrie Mexican design to other countries.
Pineda Covalín has stores in Miami, Beirut, Santiago and recently opened one in Bogotá
You will be able to get the new collection very soon!
Don't miss the opportunity to have something that represents this beautiful country with style!

                                                 Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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