Bag Essentials

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Since I was a little girl my bag has been a pandora box.
I carry way too much stuff because "What if I ever need it ?"
Magazines, camera, sunnies, books, umbrella, I throw everything inside, of course as I grow up the content has change, but still weights tons and people ask if I'm carrying stones.
That's why to avoid a problem in my column I decided to pick my absolute essentials!
Sunnies/ Marc by Marc Jacobs
Nail Polish/ H&M Cosmetics
Gloss/ Coralista Benefit
Perfume/Jour d'Hermès

Music makes our brain release dopamine which makes us happy, so my iPod can not be left behind; now my musical crush is Daft Punk with Get Lucky and Instant Crush.
With makeup samples I put up a small vanity case that always comes in handy.
Because I never know where I'm going and what I'll be able to capture, a camera can never miss in my bag.
Sunglasses, cream, mints and perfume are basics.
Finally my wallet and presentation cards have to live there, because god knows it's chaos if I can't
find them.
Perfume/ Chance Chanel
Lipstick/Shine Automatique Guerlain
Mascara/ Shoking YSL
Cream/ Natura

When the clutch boom came I suffered!
Having to discard my "essentials"  to find the most important ones is imposible, but one thing is certain: My phone is vital.
So first I put in my phone and then squish everything else inside like cards, makeup and those lovely little perfume bottles perfect for the occasion.
What are your bag essentials?
Are you a light traveller or a load all like me?
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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