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Lessons I learned from the big apple…
It's really easy to get caught up in the fantasy (and myth) of the New York City that Sex & the City has sold us, but Carrie Bradshaw is not real and if she were she'd be crippled by debt (because everything is expensive AF) and would probably already be in a wheel chair with all her heel-running around by now, but it is true that New York has a certain charm one can’t really ignore, and here are just 10 things I learned in my last visit to THE CITY that never sleeps…

1.      You will walk more than you ever thought you would and you will get blisters, so DON’T WEAR HEALS, unless you are walking just one block or have a pair of flats hidden in your purse.

2.      Always carry bandaids. As I said before, you’ll be walking as if your life depended on it!

3.      Learn to move on the subway. It is much more convenient than Uber-ing your way through town or taking a cab, you don’t have to deal with traffic, and can save the extra bucks to enjoy the city.

4.      If you get lost, just ask for directions and people will sort you out. New Yorkers are actually very nice.

5.      Talk to strangers. The person standing next to you in the subway or the line at Starbucks might be just SUPER COOL! You can make friends in the most unexpected places.

6.      Say YES! Say yes to every invitation you get even if you are exhausted, don't know anyone or assume you aren't dressed appropriately. You will make tons of memories and it would be a crime to miss out in this city.

7.      Be alone. This is the greatest city in the world in which to be alone. You see it everywhere. People reading, running errands or just listening to music while walking down the street by themselves. We're all "alone together” Go to the museum by yourself. Go to breakfast, lunch and dinner by yourself. Sit in the park by yourself. Take a break. It is really easy to get caught in the fast rhythm of New York. Take a moment to embrace its beauty. Watch and listen to the chaos of the city that revolves around you. Get inspired.

8.      Stay away from big national chain restaurants and coffee shops in the hopes of finding those neighbourhood gems and spots with totally unique flavor and character, that way, you’ll find the magical New York everyone craves.

9.      Always bring your camera or cell phone, New York is filled with art in every corner.

10.   Remember to look up.
R. Woodworth

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