Outfit planning?

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They say that the average woman spends over a year of her life trying to decide what to wear.
That means, that even if we wanted to, we Fashion girls could never be average.
And what about our previous planning?
Or should I ask first... Are you an outfit planner?
Because as much as I'd like to refuse the fact that a lot of my precious time revolves around clothing, I couldn't possibly deny that I absolutely am.
I mean, it's not only the fact that I can lock myself in my closet and play dress up for hours, but that I even plan around the ensambles I create.
I'm one of those people who have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit; meaning that I actually analize whether the event, school, person, etc is worthy of the look, taking into consideration my schedule of course.
So, let's say I have the perfect party outfit for next week's girls night out, but an improvised plan pops up, I have to find something to wear ipso facto, otherwise what will I wear next week?
Of course, since I've become a notes person over the years, one who makes To-Do lists almost every day, uses post its as if they were wallpaper and has an IPhone full of notes that go from clever jokes and quotes I intend to pull out of my left pocket at some point in future conversation, to recipes, to nerdy facts, to music and MVA blog posts written down during an inspirational strokes during which my notebook nor laptop were at hand, I do Fashion notes to store together with pics of my combinations on the Cloth App to keep track of them.

Truth is that even though it's barely the beginning of december, I already know what I'll be wearing for Halloween 2015.
For as long as I can remember I have spent time doing psychic walk-throughs of every scenario in my life. (How about that for OVERTHINKING) What will I wear tomorrow if it rains or shines? Or if zombie apocalypse starts? Or a revolution? Or if I suddenly and without further notice decide to fly to NYC? What would I wear on the plane? Should I take my fur coat and fedora? or is it too much for the plane? Nevertheless it will be cold when I get there....
I've have been saving the most perfect to wear at graduation in more or less two years from now.
I know what I would love to wear for Valentine's if I knew that I had any special plans.
And while my best friend is still 18 and with no Prince Charming at sight, I even know what I would be wearing at her wedding.
Ok no.... That's a lie... But we might find out if you give me an hour or two.

Nonetheless there are days where I wake up, stand in front of my closet and ask myself "What on earth am I going to wear today?" Which only makes clear, what a futile attemp to have control over nothing my notes actually are. Because even if I have 20 outfits planned. If I wear one at that moment, what am I going to wear next monday when school photos are taken? Or on friday when I have a date?
In the end I will probably end up wearing something completely different anyway, because it might rain, be cold, or I will probably not be in the mood for shorts and tights.

Maybe all what the planning really is, is an excuse to play around, or actually makes easier to achieve that effortless I-just-put-together-this-perfect-look-in-five-minutes grat feeling we've talked about.
Still, the question remains. Are you an outfit planner?
And if you are, what does this say about you?
I would rather avoid that though because right now after writing all this confessions I'm afraid to accept that I seem rather obsessive, stylish, but crazy.
However I know I'm not the only planner out there.
All in all, remember that we might not know where we will be tomorrow or in the next 20 years... But we, the planners, will know exactly what to wear.
Xoxo, RWPF

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