Merry Merry Christmas!

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Good morning everyone!
Christmas... is finally here!
The cozy smell of Glühwein, pine and ginger bread has completely impregnated my home and I'm grateful for a wonderful time with the fam!
I'm writting to you from my warm fuzzy bed after being brutaly awakened by my six year old brother at 8am to see what Santa had left beneath the tree!
I managed to sneak away and return to my fortress to snuggle a little longer and take a trip down memory  lane.
Seeing him so excited about the presents making up theories of how Santa entered the house and how he "drank my hot chocolate because my cup was full when I went to sleep" made me remember past holy nights and how they were all about the expectation of next morning presents.
If you were lucky like me, you were also going to find some sort of perfectly fabricated proof that Santa and the reindeers had set foot inside the living room.
After dinner me and my cousins would leave some milk and cookies for them, which later on would appear all cracked around the tree supposely half eaten by our magical visitors.
I remember next day's food coma after eating too much of the exquisite and over-a-year-awaited  dishes that my mom prepares for the celebration. Onion and goat cheese lasagna, chocolate cheesecake, avocado and pistachio mousse, artichoke and spinach dip, red fruit salad, biscuits, chocolates and all the sweet and delicious things I have not even tried since our change into a healthy lifestyle. Anyway, once a year won't hurt nobody and we all need to relax from time to time to enjoy the pleasures of life.
Last week at a christmas brunch, one of my cousins said that eating tasty food in good company is a gift. True.
This season's entire purpouse surrounds around delightful food and cherished people sharing good vibes.
Even when I can't deny how much I love presents, the intention and thought is what matters the most.
The fact that someone takes a couple of minutes to think, get and nicely wrapp soomething he or she knows will make you happy is priceless.
And if they decide to open it with you and share a bit of that joy, that's amazing. My brother wanted me to sit next to him while he put together his legos and as lame as it may sound, I actually felt really really happy. He wanted to be with me.
This is the season to realize how blessed we truly are. Despite the fact that we may bicker like normal siblings, we stick together.
The same happens with my parents, I'm just so glad I can say that they are always around, looking over me and always thinking about what they can do to make me happy. Not everyone has that, and I just feel extremely grateful for them.
For my best friends as well, who everyday prove how the number of friends doesn't matter when you have such good ones.
In the end I just wanted to wish you, my dear readers, a merry Christmas!
A magical and belated time surrounded by your beloved ones while tasting the most spectacular feast!
I hope that Santa has brought you everything you wanted, but most importantly, i hope that you were able to spend this time with whom makes you smile, laugh and love just as much as you breath!
Now I'm going to get ready for christmas lunch... 
You know, more turkey and stuff hahaha 
Xoxo, RWPF

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