The Lady is a Tramp!

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"I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch you've got to go out and kick ass" - Maya Angelou
As the old soul that I am, it should not come as a surprise but as something utterly normal when I tell you that I can listen to Sinatra and Tony Bennett in the premises of my room for hours while I paint or write. 
Yesterday, I came across one of my favourite tunes of all: The Lady is a Tramp!
A song I've played over a hundred times and never actually though about it's meaning.
Baffling I know, considering the fact that it's title strickes as shocking, even more for the 1930's when it was written.

This constantly happens, doesn't it? You like a song, the rythm, the attitude, but never really think about the lyrics and it's meaning until for some reason you end up more than a little shocked and ashamed after singing "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? Ce soir" around the school yard with your best friends (Google if necessary). Or maybe that's just me.  
However I decided I had to research it's intended meaning because in my opinion the song portraits a very honest, strong woman who doesn't let herself be pushed around by anyone. So, her "nickname" didn't make any sense. And I was right!

The song is a spoof of New York's elite and its strong etiquette. The lyrics about a woman who has her own priorities in life and no interest in playing within the big apple's high society stereotypes. Hence she is dismissed as a Tramp for her defiance. (By the close minded matriarchad I suppose)
She is the elegant classy woman who doesn't follow the snobbish status quo, has her own agenda and isn't afraid of anything.
My definition of a modern princess and ideal picture of who I would like to become.

We all grew up reading stories about the daughters of mighty kings, and all they had in common was their beauty and well manners to assured them a "happilly ever after" .
It was as easy as that, if you were blessed with a good soul, skin white as snow and ruby red lips you were half way there of reaching your ultimate goal.
Altough Cinderella was kind and beautiful but needed the help of a stylist fairygodmother to actually get the prince's attention and show him her inner beauty! (Superficial BS)
Another thing they had in common is that they all remained in their comfort zone.
All this girls had the abilities to become their own hero's and did not, because of the roles they were tought to play.

Imagine if Sleeping Beauty had slayed the dragon herself, that would had been the most brutal thing to imagine for everyone. How could someone so beautiful and delicate do such thing?
And even if she did, where would that leave the prince? (Farytales were sexist I know)
As time goes by new roles have been set among these characters, like Merida or Elsa which where first judged for acting different from what people expected before they could show how great they actually were.

Well you know what? First of all, I'll catch up with Prince Charming later on in life once I've found my way and second, I want to be the lady who knows that having a strong conviction in her principles is right.
Because this "tramp" being an "outcast" is just the reflection of people feeling intimidated or not getting where she is going, but guess what? Who cares!
As long as you believe in a cause and become the best version of yourself, you are enough.

You are your own saviour, your hero, a queen of the conrete jungle.
In the end whether you find yourself in the pinnacle of success or stoop real low in deception, the only thing you have for sure is yourself. The only one who can enjoy its rewards or carry its way out of the rabbit hole is yourself reason why you might do whatever in the name of chic you want.
Remain classy because you think it's the way, nourish your mind, wear sequins before noon with a denim shirt, quote celebrated authors because you like to have a fancy saying for every situation, drink champagne, learn the difference between a Cosmo and a straight up Martini, devour literature, engage in intelectual discussions, overdress on a daily bases and don't make an effort to please the phonies!
Become the one and only they would, for that mere reason, call TRAMP!
Become what they will never be: Real.
Xoxo, RWPF

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