What to Wear on a Date

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WELL, I'm no expert when it comes to dating or boys or anything.. quite frankly I'm at that phase where I have no clue what's up with that. (Let's pray for it to be a phase only)
Why people crave the cruel agony of love will always be a mistery; what goes through a boys head as well... However two things are clear.
One, a little Casablanca in my life wouldn't be that bad.
Two, I have some sort of clue when it comes to clothing that can make me feel safe anytime.
For that reason I would love to share some tips about what to wear when going out with someone.

The first time I went on a date, I was naive enough to think it wasn't. Nevertheless we went to the movies and people don't need a gown for that so I kept it simple with a pair of black jeans and a shirt.
The next time I like to think I had some sort of clue and luckily had the perfect excuse to wear nice clothes for it, so the night before I emptied my closet looking for a nice dress to look chic but not over dressed, but girly, but not like I was trying too much.... (Corny drama ha ha ha)  But but but.... Until I found my favourite pink A-shaped dress and decided to pair it with leather anckle strapp suede stilettos.
I could only hope to have achieved the perfect and most comfortable look for lunch, which according to my boy BFF I did (It's not mandatory but always nice to have a partial boy's opinion).
What happened next is another story, the important thing is that my outfit made me feel like at least I looked all put together.
The dress was perfect for lunch and a little stroll afterwards.
What I'm trying to say is that the place is key to know what to wear.

Nice, casual, the perfect place to talk, be a little goofy and get to know each other a little better.
Boys: Wear jeans, sneakers a shirt and a blazer it looks cool without being to formal.

Cinema, museum, coffee shop
Exchange opinions and laugh a little over a nice cup of coffee.
Boys: Denim, leather jacket, t-shirt, combatboots.

Fun plan to see which competitive side is stronger.
There you need something comfortable to be free to make your move.
Boys: Black denim, all stars, t-shirt, denim jacket.

Outdoors are always nice. Simple things are the one's that make you the happiest!
Boys: AS ALWAYS....Denim and I would probably wear a shirt with cuff sleeves and a sweater just to avoid wearing t-shirts as a uniform.
A much more formal and serious plan.. If you reach that point.. Spectacular!
Make your best impression.
Boys: Crisp black suit, white or black shirt and nice tie. Forget everyone who has ever told you an ALL BLACK look is out of style.... They certainly know nothing about style.
It doesn't matter if you are Fred Astaire or move like Jagger, the point is to have fun!
And believe me... If you laugh... You are half way there!
Boys: Denim, stripes shirt, nice shoes, leather jacket.
I hope you have fun where ever you are going and find your Rick Blaine or Ilsa Lund soon... (I need to watch Casablanca soon to stop with this crazy amount of references hahah post soon)

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