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So, I had a little debate with a friend the other day about his confussion and curiousity on women footwear.

It doesn't matter how long you explain a boy how heels elongate your legs, improve your posture, make you look thinner and feel powerful, because according to him and most men, heels are like a weapon of mass destruction to our bodies, nails beneath our soles that we foolishly worship.
According to them, it is or should be quite difficult to walk right, which might be true without the proper training. 

I find hilarious when girls don't really know how to walk in them on the street he he he in spanish we say that they walk like "pollos espinados" in translation they look like chickens who have just stepped on thorns. (Sounds a lot better in spanish tough)
I'm not trying to be mean or anything,  every woman has her chicken time and quite frankly it might sound a little cocky, but to get passed it, like everything in the fashion world, the heel walk is something to master.
Nobody is born knowing how to walk over 6 inches, it's unatural and sometimes uncomfortable, so it requires practice.... And once you got it... It's all worth it.

I remember a few moths before my elementary school graduation ( I was around 12 or 13) that my mom bought me my first pair of heels. It was a pair of beautiful 2inch black satin Steve Madden sandals with flowers on them.
I was ecstatic. Every girl craves her first pair of heels and the opportnity to wear them when we are little, however the moment I stepped on them I realized It was going to be challenging to dance "all night long".
That would be the story of how my mum started "heel bootcamp" around the house for the next months before the big day. 
I've never felt like a clacker more in my life (Devil wears Prada reference), I could bearly and with a great deal of concentration go gracefuly up and down the stairs... The whole thing was killing me! The first week was a nightmare. Not because I couldn't walk, because I could, I was rocking it... But because my feet were all swallowed and hurt. 
Starting to walk in heels it's like going to the gym, you are quite sored at the beginning but end up getting used to it.
The party was a success, the dancing was on cloud nine (practically, literally, but I wasn't in love hahaha)  light as a feather and then it all went downhill from there as wedges and pumps were sporadical becoming my weekend besties. I had my ups and NEARLY downs... Even lived those akward situations of wearing heels when the park we were going to was full of stones, because you know... The fashion.
But well, It's been four years since that.
2 with my blog... So, heels are becoming more and more a part of my life. One day I aspire to have a great job in fashion that allowes me to stack my closet with pumps and strappy sandals.

Fascinating isn't it?
How much this masochistic artifacts do and represent. 
I asked about this on the blog and everyone including boys said heels are a form of empowerement and complement to a women's personality. Nevertheless it will always remain a painful but a the same time absolutely beautiful mistery why we wear them.
I love to walk around my city 10cm taller, it makes you take things into perspective, however the wise thing to do is to carry a pair of flats in your bag. That's the untold fashion week secret.
The reason is and will probably remain uncertain, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few tips to learn how to walk the walk properly.
After all my jibber jabber please keep reading to see a list of the little details that turn your average platform stroll into THE (street-style-fashionweek-worthy) RUNWAY WALK.

1.- Tip, Tap, Toe
People normally think that walking on heels is nothing but a normal walk a few inches taller... Well, that's wrong you are not in your ballerinas anymore you need to give shorter steps and go from anckle to toe or do the exact opposite, I tend to give longer stronger strides to avoid loosing balance.

2.- Attitude
Attitude is a little thing that can make a great change. Always remember to keep your head up, never walk while looking to the floor. That will give you confidence and make you look put together.

3.- Rythm
Don't rush while in heels, pick a steady rythm and stick to it. People that go too slow or too fast tend to look akward.

4.- Pose
Lean slightely to the back.
When trying to rush in heels we start walking like giraffes to compensate the lack of speed.

5.- Blurred Lines
Walk on a straight line... Picture yourself and just follow it.

6.- Flop
Oh the flop, the magical flop... Girls don't just do it when giving a kiss, but to balance their weight when standing on heels.

7.- Cinderella Story
If the shoe fits... Buy it in every color... And walk along because a well fitted shoe is the key to a perfect walk.

Cover all this points and you'll be ready to walk to this beat ... (My friends and I used to practice this way :P)
Xoxo, RWPF

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