Beauty Tips: Flawless Hair under Control

10:36 AM Roberta W. P. F 4 Comments

Are you happy with your hair?
Brunettes want to be blond, blonds want to be brunettes.
Curly want to be sleek and sleek wants to be curly.
The truth is that women are never happy with themselfs and our discontent with our hair is a huge part of that dilemma.

I have curly hair and I like it that way as long as it stays under control, which is sometimes a bit tricky. Humidity and heat can make it look like a jumble and even the most effortless look needs a bit of effort.
We got some welcoming presents at the grand finale from Elle México Diseña 2013 in Acapulco, and one of the best one was a Mythic Oil kit from L'Oreal Paris.

First I thought it would be just another lame hair product... you know, those that swear to give you more shape, volumen and shine but end up living your hair as if you had just showered with glue.
Still I decided to give it a try and for my surprise it work! My curls were defined and under control in the beach's wet weather; that'ts why the Mythic Oil has become essential in my beauty routine.

You can wash your hair with the shampoo to unravel it, then use the mascara to leave it glossy and wait until it dries to see the results...
The Mythic Oil is perfect to apply when your hair is already dry, let's say you have a party and want to revamp your hair for the occasion, you can do it in 5 min with this amazing product!
Don't be afraid about the "Oil" part because your mane won't suffer, it will only leave your hair soft and with a delicious aroma.
This product is for all hair types, doesn't matter if you are blond, brunette or a red head with curls or sleek hair just use the oil to squeeze and crate waves or smoothlly dab to make it sleek with a bit of volumen. It's your choice.
So in the end it dosn't matter what hair color, cut, shape or lenght you have, the Mythic Oil will help you rock it!

I really hope you give it a try, because it will literally change your daily routine for good!
Tell me about your results in the social media!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F


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