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Hello my beloved readers!
And welcome to My Vintage Armoire this sunny friday morning....
I've been posting many quotes lately about overthinking.. and the fact is that overthinking kills your happiness. Or at least that's what I've been feeling....
It all starts with day dreaming about something and ends up with you all messed up about the zillion forms it can take.

Example number one... You have a dinner party at your friends house. You are taking her a wine bottle and are ready to have a fun time with your friends, when she tells you she invited more people... Among them someone really important from work. This adds the factor *IMPRESS to the list. So, what was supposed to be a casual dinner turns out to be an opportunity to scale at work. At first you are thiking your brains out on what to wear to look chic but effortless when she changes the dress code to Formal *WIN ... Now you can start playing seriously. You are almost certain that you have found the perfect look when she rings and asks for help with dinner. Not only with your delicious salad, but with the meatloaf she is suppose to make. For that you have to go to her house earlier and get dressed there, you can of course but the logistic that comes from not changing at home and thinking about how to impress the guy. BOOM she tells you your ex is coming... *DAMN what now? You'll try to impress, but know le ex-boyfriend has feelings for you and it'll be akward .. and ...SO IT GOES ON and ON and ON ... Result: NIGHTMARE.

And we can relate to this in many situations in life... a date, an event, a catwalk, a get away with friends, wedding, a sleepover or just a meal with the fam where you know you are going to be the center of attention.
A concert, an exam, recital.... You name it... Overthinking makes you sad, frustrated and stressed.
My advice:
You don't need to do anything that doesn't make you happy or makes ypu feel uncomfortable!
Just chill and everything will be ok.
Don't listen to the opinión of  others.. sometimes they try to help but end up turning everything into something worse!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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