Avec L'Enfant Terrible

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Fashion lovers see the world differently.
We are surrounded not only by clothes, but by beautiful things that accompany our most amazing memories. The dress we wore to prom, the shoes from our first date, and even the lucky charm we had on while receiving great news.
Even the fact of coming across one of this pieces can be an adventure.
Saving for your first Chanel bag, Alaia shoes or Oscar de la Renta dress is always fun! (I'm still saving hahaha)
After this reflexion, you can imagine how excited I was about meeting one of this mythic artists, Jean Paul Gaultier.
I attended to a shooting at the premises of Elle Magazine, where I had the chance to meet this great designer and talk a little bit with him.
I can't tell you much about the shoot, but I can say that he is a really happy guy!
 You can't be spend two minutes with him without laughing. HE seemed to always have a funny story to tell.
When he saw me, he told me my shirt was UBER COOLAs you can believe I almost fainted.
I think designers are normally seen as unattainable beings, gods of creativity, who lead luxurious lifes. When in fact they are people like us.
Jean Paul is not only a successful designer with his feet on earth, he is someone with a very realistic perseption of beauty.
I told him I admired how he embrassed cultural and ethnical diversity in his shows and asked him what he thought about this image of beauty that media are selling. Extreme thinness, large proportions, no pores and tight gap.
To what he aswered.. and I quote ... "I DON'T LIKE ANOREXICO!!!"
He likes people with curves like Dita von Thesse, who appeared in his last show and is famouse for her sculptural body.
So, in the end I wasn't just grateful and incredibly happy for this experience, but also amazed to meet someone from that calliber who is still nice, real and honest.
It appears to me that he is only "terrible" from his ideas, but a sweet sweet man off character.
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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