FW14 Catwalk Review

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Oscar Wild once said that fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months. Now I don't agree with the "ugliness" part, because I think that every six months new collections contribute to our addiction. Fashion week comes and goes but style doesn´t, and while we enjoy FW14 in the runway, we see SS14 in the streets. It's madness! There's never enough to buy or old silhouettes or already seen pieces. There's only the cravig for winter in the summer and viceversa.

I wasn't able to keep you minute by minute posted as I did last season and because of my lack of time, I wasn't able to fly to New York either. But after watching every show from NYC to Paris I've selected my favourites.
Let's start with the concrete jungle...
Last season I explained how DelPozo had a way to take my breath away.
Now I can certainly say that it is my favourite brand.
It portraits elegance, feminity, minimalism and class in avant-garde silhouettes, and this collection was like a dream come true.
 Chic and girly but paired with the perfect oxford shoes, giving it that boyish touch I've many times said I'm obsessed with. Most importantly Josep Font manages to keep it always fresh.
From the makeup to the clothes, crisp is the essence of the empire, just as the supernal artisan embroidery present in couture and flawlessly transported to the ready to wear pieces
If I could, I would wear DelPozo all day everyday.

BCBG has a way to transport couture to Street style trends. Add leather to a normal sweater and wear it with a see through skirt or pair a beanie with a silk twin set.
Makeup for fall? Keep it natural and only accentuate the crease.

Proenza Schouler
Jack McCollough & Lázaro Hernández went print BANANAS!
If Mix and Match was an art, they would be the masters.
Every sngle piece in this collection invites you to blend it with another one just as crazy.
Patch work, asymmetrical shapes, cheetah, giraff, croc clutches, melted shoes and shoulder paths that exude futuristic allure.

I mean, DKNY... Empire state of mind... both are practically the same.
Aren't they? 
They complement each other. The city would be the same without a casual look from Donna Karan and Donna wouldn't créate magic without the inspiration of this great city.
Prints have appeared in every collection who's designer has embraced digital revolution. And leather.. Donatella's second skin has become a becon of hope for effortless looks.
The lesson here?
Screw pant... better more burn them all... and get yourself as many pairs as you can fom leather pants and sweaters.

 Marissa Webb

Tomboy, Preppy, Effortless.
Marissa Webb listen to my prayers by blending this three and creating tweed and woolen layers.
Messy hair, natural makeup, layers and heels..... This will become my school uniform... No kidding.

Rebecca Minkoff
I really like how Rebecca can adjust to any style.
Last season it was all about flowers and a mexican inspiration, and now she manages to mix uptown with grunge. In one hand we see shirts with a message, beanies, shine and leather and on the other we see leather pencil skirts, coats and fur bags and scarves.
Fur is definitelly staying and I'm loving it!

Ricardo Seco
The mexican designer did it again!
Ricardo Seco presented an UBER cool collection which reaffirmed that real men wear pink ... and many shades of pastels.
With digital motivs and sneakers he created relaxed but stylish look for man in the city.
Still, I wouldn't mind stealing sosme sweaters or coats from my boyfriend...  

Oscar de la Renta
Oscar de la Renta is the King of class. He designes for the most sophisticated women in the planet, therefore his ideal fall is inspired in retro silhouettes that remind us of the time when being a lady was still important. I would have loved to live in those times.
Short pixie hair, oversized silhouettes, fur coats and the attitude. Elegance among everything.
Speechless, as always.
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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