Blue Breeze

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Oh Spring!
I'm glad you are finally here, because honestly who doesn't love spring?
It's the season of reborn.
 Flowers Bloom in trees and bushes, accompanied by a light breeze with the aroma of nature and delicious sunny days.
It's perfect.
The best of both worlds, where we wear thin sweaters in the morning and skirts for the afternoon.
And who said we had to get over the layer obsession?!
No sir!
Inspired in my onion-layered-autumn I put together this look for a nice sunday with a visit to the opera, a brunch at Butcher&Sons and a long walk at the park.
This linen safari jacket is extremely comfortable and adds a really comfy aura to the look.
I bought this skirt in germany 4 years ago with my best friend.
What I love the most about it, is the movement it has while you walk.
Still, I had only wore it in the winter with tights and sweaters because it has an elastic band at the waist which I'm always trying to hide, but then, after looking around in my closet, I found this peplum white blouse to match perfectly.
Of course, I know what you are thinking! Weekends are to do some cardio (NOT)
But by that I mean running around in stilettos, like my new nude peep toe platforms, which are perfect for that purpouse.
After putting together this look I realized how excited I am to change my boots for wedges and coats for trenchs and start enjoying the season of birth. 


Sunnies/Ray Ban
Safari/Liz Claibourne
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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