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Hey Guys!
I wont make up more excusess ... I've been very busy and it's been very difficult to update the blog.
Which has, of course, made me extremelly anxious.
But last week I couldn't even think about anything else appart from international affairs.
I'm in a Project called MUN, which is a model of the united nations. So every once in a while I take place in debates with other people as if we were at the UN.
It is amazing. It's always nice to talk about fashion, but investigating about the current world situation is really interesting!
The situation in Siria, the Gaza Strip, Crimea, the proliferation of weapons in the middle east or the fight for human rights in places like Venezuela is something that should concern us all.
Genocide in Darfur, Cambodia, Guatemala remind us to the holocaust and those empty words from big nations that said something like that would never happen again.
Let me give you a piece of advice...
It doesn't matter what you decide to do with your life.
Do it with integrity and if you have the power, help others! 
Remember: Smart, conscious and well dressed is the most beautiful!

On other aspects, as I'm supposed to be in an international I had to dress in a formal way. This where two of my outfits.
Both are very comfy and can be worn separately into casual looks, as I did HERE with the blue blouse.
Like them?
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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