Beauty: Aqua Allegoria Limón Verde

12:00 AM Roberta W. P. F 0 Comments


AQUA ALLEGORIA was designed as an ode to all facets of nature. Every year since 1999, Guerlain has reinvented the classic theme of freshness with a new inspiration, and has brought to us Limón Verde.
I loved the fragrance.
I tend to associate scents with situations or people, don't you?
Well, this eau de toilette is very sweet, lightweighted and makes you feel fresh all day.
That's not all... We girls love perfume bottles and this one is one of the cutest I've ever seen.
I'm telling you, it's gong straight to my collection. 
AQUA ALLEGORIA Limón Verde will be in stores on april.
Prepare for the perfect and most bee-liciouse reborn season!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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