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Hey Guys!
It's Monday... and a great one!
Apart from the fact that I've been feeling terrible for not updating the blog.
You see, for me a week without writting is like a week without voice. From writting I get a feeling of freedom and relaxation nothing else provides.
But, enough chit chat... let's get back to the important.
2 weeks ago I got an e-mail from one of my beloved readers, saying she loved the way I dress (MAJOR THANKS) but feels like she would never be able to combine things like I do. She says that she's always wearing comfy sweaters and jeans but would love to learn little tricks to make this looks much more stylish. In my words, to get an effortless chic style with the pieces she owns.
I was really happy to receive this because I love when you guys interact over here! I wanted to write as soon as posible but school is stressful. Period.
Still, I'm gratefull because I had the time to think this post through.
Let's begin...
People learn from failure.
And.. why do I tell you this?
Because, if you are trying to change your style or use someone as inspiration... it is perfectly normal to make mistakes at first. Don't espect to become a stylist in a week because it all takes time and of course the courage to wear whatever you want and feel.
Altough a casual look seems easy, it's quite the opposite.
It is relatively easy to wear a gown put on some makeup and look divine... but to achieve perfection with the most basic pieces is an art very few ever master.
I would say that it is all about of balance and twists.
You can mix more formal pieces with casuals. Just like heels with jeans and a nice blouse or a simple t-shirt and an oversized necklace!
The first thing I thought about when I read she wore lots of sweaters was in layering.
This is th easiest way to stay comfy, warm and look chic.
So, take your average look.
Let's say a pair of jeans, a sweater and boots.
now choose a shirt and wear it undearneath the sweater...
Then roll it up and let the cuffs and neck stick out. Last but not least give it a rocker vibe by wearing a leather jacket!

If you don't own one... it's probably the time to get it.
I was all about buying statement pieces, but i've noticed that it's all about balance too,because a trully great look is created with statements and basics.
If you only wear chunky feather jackets, invest in a coat. It'll keep you warm but make you look chic.
It would be a lie if I tell you that you just need to combine things differently and PRESSTO you'll have a new closet.
You need to get concious of what you own and how you can wear it, but incorporate key pieces as well. OR just different versions, like color denim jeans or capri pants... woolen tartan trousers or something to change your average appearence.
My most haves would be an oversized necklace, leather pants, a pair of cool flat shoes like oxfords or penny holders(not everything is about stilettos), nice ripped jeans, a coat, tons of knitwear and shirts to wear underneath, t-shirts with cool mottos or logos and comfortable heels, a blazer, denim shirts, a cool sweater, a nice hat or beanie and a black tote.
Layers in it's splendor

Wear a complete monochromatic look.
All white is the strongest proposal right now!

A sweater, short ripped jeans, sneakers and a cool oversized necklace!

Sweaters can be casual or formal... now embrace methallics!

Here I have a tweed coat on, burgundy jeans, patent leather penny holders and a sweater... the catch? it is methallic!

A blazer, shirt, denim and of course stilettos!
You could also wear this with oxfords or even sneakers and still look great!
A blazer with a woolen shirt and jeans are effortless chic!

Oversized earrings are a beautiful and elegant twist as well.

You see?
It's all about wearing things with a twist!
People shoould definitely invest in accesories to make a look work... and of course shoes... smoking slippers, oxfords and everything with a boyish vibe. There´s no way to go wrong with that!
Hope you liked this post!
Remember that if you are looking for any tips.. you can write me an e-mail to
Have a wonderful week!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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  1. Yaaaayy!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the tips and ideas! I loved them!
    Keep on writing and posting!