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Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome to My Vintage Armoire my beloved readers!
Today I want to share with you my absolutely daily essentials, which don't matter if I'm feeling tired or not, can't be missing in my everyday routine.
  • Trésor in Love Lancôme: This is one of my favourite fragrances, because it's delicate scent reminds of fashion. I used to wear this perfume strictly to events related with that world, but I felt like I needed to have that excitement with me every day... It's just a mixture of roses and thrill that I love. Whenever I'm going out at night I tend to take a shower before in order to use the shower gel and make my skin soak and absorbe this treasure.

  • Vernis a Lêvres YSL: I'm a free spirit who finds very difficult to stick to one product. Even if it is amazing, I feel like I need to try them all in order to find the best. In any matter I haven't found a better lip gloss tan this one .. non that fullfills all my requirements. I was looking for something very natural, with a hint of color that shined and stayed all day so I don't need to retouch at school. This is perfect with the bonus that alltough it is long lasting, doesn't dry lips and you can easily add more intensity by applying more layers. Undoubtedly my favorite!

  • Hypnôse Star Lancôme: I can leave home with my hair looking like a hot mess, but never without a hint of mascara. Just a Little to make those lashes look perky. The brush from this specific mascara has a triangular shape which makes it easier to comb all lashes at once. It goes from the tiny tiny one in the lacrimal to the one on the eye crease. Remember this one it can make your eyes bigger an nothing is more beautiful and seductive tan a happy smile!

  • Studs BCBG: I had been looking for the perfect bangle to accompany my watch... and nothing can help us out more when we are lost tan a bit of maternal guidance. My mom gave me this for my birthday. It is slim, light, rocker and it fascinates me. It also helped me realize how much i love BCBG jewelry. Do you like it?
Do you have any cherished ítem or products?
Share with me I would love to know!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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