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Women have fought for their rights and equal social, economic and political opportunities for long. But we have never analized how this fight gets affected by modern media.
Leaving aside prejudices made by religion or physical differences between sexes, think about propaganda.
Fashion should not be seen as a bunch of pretty dresses , it's history, art, culture
and a way to express your true self. Therefore anyone can use it with that purpose. Altough many times we get the message that only tall, skinny people with money can. Many campaigns alterate their models to make them look much skinnier than they could ever naturally be or build them proportions that are simply impossble.
In makeup, pores disappear as if they were something shameful.... One thing is to wear it to hide imperfections and others to try to look like the girl in the picture. I can assure you that it'll never happen.
Add to this, the fact that sometimes only parts from a complete woman appear. This totally dehumanizes her and turns her into a sexual object with no personality or value.
Women are strong, intelligent and have the ability to connect emotionally and feel empathy. Something, that if men used to their advantage, would take a lot of hatry and negativity from this world.
The first step that promotes violence is the dehumanization of a person. It loses all respect the moment it becomes an object in the subconscious of others.
That was the key of fascism ... and if you think about it, maybe some campaigns lead to violence against girls too. I think men and women are not equal. Men should be chivalrous as a simple sign of education. But to be treated with respect, does not mean you are inferior and can not have the same positions or renumbering. We must educate men with the same values ​​that we educated women.
If our life is " around marriage " why isn't theirs? Or better said, why should our main goal in life to get married? Why don't we teah girls to be competitive, not for the attention of men, but for jobs and academic opportunities.
I love fashion and glamour and I think most of these concepts are surrounded or simply born of dreams. But to what extent is our society bombard with fictional perfection that leads to death.?!
One thing is to be thin, eat healthy and stay fit ... and quite another to get to a store where everything is mostly size 2 and the average population size 8.
Returning to the previous point we "have to" stay fit.. I get that is attractive, but you can't ask for a Victoria Secrets model if you are not an Abercrombie & Fitch yourself.
In my opinión it is very important and urgent that we become aware of this situation and start thinking what we are telling to younger generations. 
This "perfection" portraited on TV and magazines leads to psychological frustration in which women wonder if being pretty is everything. That's when things may get out of hand and trigger deeper probems like depresion y anorexia.
There is beauty in each of us, although it sounds cliche .. it's true. And we shouldn't propitiate this type of advertisement directed to men, in which girls are adversely affected.
"Beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone" as Dorothy Parker would say, so... be who you are. Be Flawless.

Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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