Where Did the Glamour Go?

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That is the million dollar question.
We would think that with modern technology things and even our lives would become better.
But aside of bringing only positive things to our way of living, they have also made it become faster, more stressful and sometimes I think.. with less quality.
We have subtracted the quality of things.
We avoid craftsmanship to produce in mass. People are in the search of luxurious living but would  rather do this than lead a luxurious life by picking timeless pieces , living in the moment or making their environment more beautiful. Now a days, nothing lasts.
And I've come across this idea in many occassions, by movies, photos and of course shopping.
So last week for example,  before going back to school I went to make an investment.
Obviously to my closet. WHAT ELSE?
I said to myself that I had to look for timeless pieces; because as much as I would love to wear every season's "IT", buying things that take our breath away has no comparisson.
You never get tired of them and they give you a certain aura of elegance and order.
We are changing constantly and for some reason that speed takes away the glamor of things.
While looking at pictures or watching movies like The Notebook, The Great Gatsby, Water for Elefants, Cabaret or Breakfast at Tiffany's... New or old... you see how pretty simple things make a difference. A little blue dress for a boat ride in the lake with Noah, a Givenchy dress to have a cup of coffe and bread while daydreaming what we girls would love to receive in those little teal boxes, a Prada dress to drink tea with Jay Gatsby or lying on the sofa with a string of pearls around the neck chit chatting with Nick Carraway. Even if you don't have a penny like Liza in Cabaret... strolling around in your fur coat.
Why not...? My biggest dream is to fly without baggage limit and travel the world in style.
Hermes scarves and lace dresses for long walks in Sicily... a pair of DKNY jeans and a Raincoat to walk around NYC like Sinatra. To dream is not expensive and neither is luxury. There are minimalist seconds as I call them, where something makes us feel incredibly lucky and happier... than 10 years living to the speed of light.
Take the time to reflect and think what's best.
What happend to the importance of looking elegant?
As in Cabaret, people in the past as much poor as they were... tried to look nice. Men in suits, women with tights. When the war hit they would put makeup on their legs to make them look as if they had some on.
Now girls go to school in pants.
I'm not telling you to wear Chanel. But a nice sweater and jeans could make the difference.
Be effortless, Be glamorous and take noticed of life and how the simple fact that a rose blossoms is sort of a magical miracle.
If you don't take things for granted and use this philosophy  to look nice. Your entire surroundings will be... and that way your life will become luxurious.
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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