A Date with Grace

2:30 AM Roberta W. P. F 1 Comments

Don't you hate when you desperatly want to read a book, but have a million things to do and no time?
I constantly suffer because of this.
You are in the middle of a battle, a love declaration or about to learn the seeked truth from one of the characters and need to go back to work or do homework.
I often use precious hours of sleep to finish countless stories.But this time I had an appointment .To read everywhere I started downloading books to my phone. I have about 20.But I decided that I needed to have A Memoire in my hands, becase it did not only look very interesting and was the must read book in the fashion world. It was beautiful as well.
So I asked a friend who was in New York to buy it for me along with The World According To Karl.The smell of a new book does not compare to anything.I avidly started reading a weekend, re-reading the paragraphs that seemed most important to me so that I knew everyone who Grace was speaking about.The return to school made ​​it very difficult for me to find the time. Still, I decided to take the huge brick and carried it around in my bag for a week, but could not read a single words. In the end I decided I needed to disconnect my mind as at least 5 minutes a day from school and was going to give those five minutes to Grace Coddington .
So it became a routine appointment with a cup of tea on a fluffy couch.
I'm about to finally finish it and can recommend it.
It's an amazing book and GRace is extremely open, honest and real.
A very successful woman with her feet on th ground.
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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  1. That makes me want to grab a book and start reading right now! :)