Beauty: Flaming Rose

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Flaming Rose / MAC
Have you ever had to get ready in 5 minutes?
It's the most stressing thing in the world and the worst part is that you get so concentrate on looking perfect that you forget little details. Like nail polish.
I hate to rush and leave home without painting my nails. Speacially when I wear peep toe platforms.
It's too complicaated to paint them in the car and even if you do it doesn't dry fast. So you are there, harmless and nervous without moving in order to prevent stains.
That until you discover MAC polishes.
This is my emergency polish. Flaming Rose because red is never out of order and besides it drys in less then 40 seconds.
In other words it has saved me more times then I could count. And the color is just lovely!
So if you want something quick, chic, classy and with a beautiful gel finish you now where to find it!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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