Bad & Beautiful

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The end of the year comes along with lots of parties to celebrate the arrival of the next.
I know I don't write a lot for boys but believe me, it is one of my New Year resolutions, because I just love well dressed men an would love to contribute to the cause by giving away some tips so you guys can get every girl's attention.

I wrote about sharp dressed men and how the term doesn't mean to be suited up all day.
Still, a Tux for the holiday season sounds like a great option to me.
Very a la Humphrey Bogart and all those sweet talking smooth walking iconic gentlemans.
Maybe a Tux sounds too expensive, old school or posh, but it will always give an extra sparkle to everything.
You can rent it or buy it, there are great options from Brooks Brothers, Hugo Boss, Ermenegildo Zegna, even H&M and Zara so there are no excuses.
To look impecable you should wear a white cotton shirt and let 2 inches stick out from the sleeves, don't forget cufflinks, preferably silver and avoid cartoons or soccer logos.
Instead of original or fun those look just tacky.
Even if you buy your tuxedo at Zara take it to a tailor to have it correctly fitted. The pants should be flush to the ankle but never skinny.
Bow tie and patent leather shoes are essential just as knowing that you have to button up every time you stand up.
I agree that a well-tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men, so choose wisely!
Definetely avoid silver or shiny fabrics and sequins if you are no member of Daft Punk. I tried on a Zara sequined blazer and loved it.
Afterwards saw a boy with it... not pretty.
Velvet isn't easy to pull off, but when done properly you'll look just handsome.
If it is your first tux look for something in black, white or blue.
There's no way to go wrong with those.
So bet on a tuxedo this season you'll be the most sophisticated men in the room, bad & beautiful, "a legend in your own time" as Neil Sedaka would say.....
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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