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While writing my new year resolutions, I would love to share with you a summary of this year's best moments!
2013 was full of an extraordinary amount of highs and as supposed to be in life, some lows too.
But since I'd rather not focus on the negative I'll shortly re describe those special moments that made the past year memorable.
Starting off in chronological order, I was lucky enough to enjoy a magical evening at the Vizcainas College, where Oscar de la Renta himself presented some pieces from his couture collection. My very first gala, red carpet and couture show. Just breath taking.
Next came Nook, a show by Rolando Santana, Kris Goyri and Mancandy which made me realized the amount of talent we have in mexico.
I planned to start with some DIY tutorials at the beginning of the year, but I really hadn't had the time. The only thing I did was a houndstooth dress that I proudly wore to Fashion week.
I flew to Acapulco to the grand finale of Elle México Diseña, which has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.
As a Fashion junkie one of the biggest dreams I have ever had was to get invited to one of "the big four". You know, the international Fashion weeks. I came really close to make that dream come true when I got my invite to Ricardo Seco's show in NYC. I couldn't attend for other reasons, but the simple fact that I got an invitation was more tan I could ever had expected.
I did an Internship at the PR Department from Elle México and also wrote collabs for Life&Style, and now Elle México Diseña 2014.
Shoot my firsts outfits for the blog and am just happy to see your retweets, comments and likes on the social media!
Thanks for stopping by.
I know that 2014 awaits with many surprises and new opportunities.
Wish you the best!
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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