Happy New Year 2014!

2:00 AM Roberta W. P. F 0 Comments

Dear readers,
I wish you all the best this 2014!
Happiness, Health, Success and that all your dreams, wishes and thoughts come true. 
Hopefully better opportunities will present your way and other doors will close.
My resolutions would be, to travel more, to work more, be healthy, work out, improve my grades (GEEK), write daily, read even more books (BOOK WORM), spend more time with my friends, attend more parties, organize myself better, be helpful, more thankful and in the end just be happy.
What are yours? 
In any case...
Good luck!
Thanks for reading my blog!
Next year will be full of surprises, stay tuned...
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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