Enfant Terrible

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Hello my beloved readers....The week is almost over and Santa is on it's way so I hope that you're as happy and excited as I am.
Now I wanted to talk about a person who has changed Fashion and is known as it's bad boy.
What we know as haute couture consists of handcrafted pieces that elevate fashion to an artistic level. Jean Paul Gaultier has managed to give that a 180 ° just by setting off his imagination.
The sailor jersey, the fitted jacket or corset are some of his signature pieces
However, this French designer has his nickname not only for his ability to blend the formality of his clothes with colors, silhouettes and unusual details inspired by popular culture and Fashion developed in the streets, but his courage to go beyond the barriers of convention and ethnic diversity which were introduced by him to the walkways as well as sexuality.
All these factors has been used to convey a message, because as Suzy Menkes once said "... his shows offer a true mirror to society... " He encouraged the use of kilts on men and caused great impact around the world by using unconventional models like older men, not very thin tattooed or pierced women, on his shows that earned him criticism, just as popularity.
This is how Jean Paul Gaultier opened the industry to new worlds and made couture something easy to adapt to any style with a unique twist without losing elegance.
This great designer will be the president of the jury in Elle Mexico Diseña 2014.
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