The Key to Success

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If you guys follow me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook you probably saw that I received a fabulous present from one of my dear readers who honors me by calling herself my 1.5 fan!
I cryed of happiness when I saw the package and the card that came with it, because you don't always realized that people believe in you and in this case like what you write. It was a beautiful gesture which made me feel extremely blessed and supported.
I opened the blog to share my goals, dreams and point of view of this amazing industry and it's a true reward to see my wonderful readers like it.
Every time I see a like on the page, a comment or receive a question on how to combine something I get super HAPPY :)
You should ask around...
It's like an adrenaline rush
 The card said: "Hi Roberta, you are going to get really far, don't let anything stop you! *Wish + Dream = Success* Congratulations, your 1.5 fan!"
And that's exactly what I plan to do, keep dreaming and turning those dreams and wishes into success.
My Vintage Armoire is turning 1 year the 2nd of October and I'm preparing really cool things to conmemorate this accomplishment!
Thanks for Reading!
Stay tuned!
Bracelets/ BCBGeneration
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F
P.S.: Huge thanks to my 1.5 fan for being absolutely the best :*

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