Beauty Tips: BB-What?

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The beauty world is not talking about anything else than BB Creams.
It is said that they do wonderful things, but what are they?

BB  stands for "Blemish Balm", a balm formulated by German dermatologists to use as skin anti-inflammatory after surgery.
But now a BB Cream goes beyond, it is a hybrid almost transparent care product that moisturizers, conceals, repairs, brightens, protects of UV light and eliminates imperfections.

So, when do you have to use it?
Makeup artists say it is something you use before foundation.

La crème de la crème

In my case I used it for the first time to cover imperfections. You see, I don't wear makeup unless necessary; for that same reason it was the only thing needed to bring a matte - finish, but if you wear foundation it can be a flawless corrector and leave your skin smooth so you avoiding the clogged pores and clumping syndrome by using too much of it.
Perfect for anytime!

BB Cream/ Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream Kiehl's

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