The coat guide

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The elegant  man and woman always has one or more coats, but to choose isn't always the easiest.
Here 10 things you need to take into consideration.

1.- Select a quality material as cashmere, alpaca or wool.
2.-Check quality in all finishes, stitching, buttons, hems and closures.
3.-Sleeves should fall just at the wrist or in the middle of the palm. If not, they must adjust.

4.- For people who are not very high, the best are the three quarters or tight coats.
5.-For tall persons, the best are the type trench coats in half leg-lenght or crossed.

6.-If you are more robust, avoid prints, shoulder pads or oversized coats.
7.-Choose as first model a classic design in neutral or conservative tones.
8.-Once you own a basic coat, dare to buy one with the colors of the season: Mustard, dark Green, burgundy or blue.
9.-Measure coats over the clothing on which you plan to use it.
10.-Store your coat in a cool dry place, with special linings and always read the manufacturer's label.

A coat is one of the must have for the season, just choose the one that suits you better and conquer the winter

                                                                                                                                  Roberta W. P. F

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