Fashion Week: What should you wear?

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So, you have an invitation to a show or you are going to see if you can go in…. (sometimes you can ;) ..) but the question now is….WHAT ARE YOU GONNA WEAR?

First, don’t panic…                                                                                                                                           Second… i can give you some ideas to simplify this situation.
Let’s review the trends of the season.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
First of all you might want to consider wearing comfortable shoes.                                                       And now the clothes: Remember, it´s already Fall and you might want to think about the weather while choosing your look.  It´s going to be cold and windy but we can still make it rock. If you were thinking about a dress or skirt try to combine it with a cool jacket, so that you look good but don’t freeze.
The Hot Trends these season are:
Blouse, dress, belt or skirt will emphasize your waist and give you a great touch of glamour

Kaleidoscope of flowers, graphic pictures and pop elements in dresses and suits.   

- Military:
Trenches, high boots, leather and military print.   

-Leather from Head to Toe:
Leather trenches in colors like military green, black or mustard are very hot these season just as leather leggins, skirts and blouses. You can wear a complete look and be the center of attention.

With the constantly changing climate many people have been forced to wear it, an incredible way to pretect you from the cold and give your outfit a luxury upgrade.

You can wear them in almost anything from blouses and dresses to bags, heels and cuffs, but use it wisely to create a rocker/casual look without getting to punk-crazy.

- Electric Animal Print: 
We know animal print very well but what if we added a little color to make it a statement, electric and modern?

We‘ve seen „All White“ looks, but now it’s time to make it passionate and sexy by making it „All Red“

With colors like purple, blue, gray and black combined with metallic and iridiscent accents you can create a galactic inspired outfit which be impress every heart and soul in this universe
Using all these trends as inspiration, you can create an amazing outfit that attracts the eye of any fashionista.
Now that we have the outfit, it could be good to know the Hair&Makeup trends for FW2012.
Intense lipsticks are very hot these seasons. Best shades are burgundy, purple, violet, pink, brown, smoked red and even black.

Smokey, wear it with nude lips or a very discrete lipgloss.

Bun, twisted pony tail, waves, Frida-braid.

And last but not least: Jewelry
This season it´s all about chains, cuffs and oversized vintage statements.

Now we can say... the BIGGER, the BETTER.
And remember, quoting Anna Dello Russo … “Nothing succeeds like excess” these season!
I hope this helped you get an idea about what to wear!
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Stay tuned for more!

                                                                                                                          Roberta W. P.F

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