Fashion Week is coming....

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The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico is coming, and to go deeper into the incredible atmosphere of this week I want to summarize my favorite collections of recent seasons.
I´ll  be posting more details and some tips for Fashion Week, so stay tuned.

My first show was the FW2011 collection from Rocio Valencia

I liked it for its Rocker style in a black, gray and silver palette with zipper, synthetic fibers, feather and sequins details
As it was my first show ever I will remember it as one of the greatest moments of my life, impressed by the clothes, hairstyles and amazing makeup I will always remember it as one of my favorites shows ever.


Then came the Veneno en la Piel show. The designers Grace Ortega and Olga Carreto were inspired by the mythical city of Atlantis to design their collection "Nautilus", consisting of 24 looks in predominantly brown, gray and metallic shades combined with Fur, leather and sequins.
This new collection moved us to a world and a time when garments were a form of expression.
My favourites in this collection were the dresses with Fur accents and the beautiful headdress from one of the models representing a Nautilus.

Definitely one of my favorite collections of all times, Carlo Demichelis Spring/Summer 2011 
Billowing skirts and coats in earthy tones from beige to green.
Elegant, subtle, sexy and feminine.

One of my favourite collections of the SS12 season was the one from Pepa Pombo called "Coneticongo".
The prints were the stars of the night, inspired in Colombia and for the purpose of showing its folklore.
The colors were quite original, they started with yellow garments and then turn to the green, blue and purple.
The clothes were light, loose and designed for a woman who wants to feel comfortable with her style and at the same time enjoying her femininity.

And last but not least my favourite collection of all, the SS12 Couture collection by Jesus Ibarra + Bertholdo.

I can only say that art was walking down the runway. 
Vaporous garnments in soft colors like blue, white and taupe with transparencies, asymmetrical straps, ruffles and details with silver hoops applications.
That collection was fresh, classy, chic, feminine and proved that a woman can be strong and delicate at the same time.

I absolutely adore this collection.

I´m very excited to see what these designers have prepared for this season.

                                                                                   Roberta W. P. F
                                                                                                               (Photos by me)


  1. Que bien que nos mantengas al tanto de lo que pase en Fashion Week México! :) Súper descripciones de los shows en este post, well done ;)